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How Can I Join a Class Action Suit Against Legal Helpers Debt Resolution? – Patti

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We have submitted to the wiles of the Legal Helpers Debt Resolution and are seeing the same results as I read in your article. Can we join a class action suit against them? We are in Montana. Patti Read More »

    I Tried to Close My Debt Settlement Account But They Won’t Respond. – Shanna

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    I recently tried to close an account with a debt settlement company and they will not respond so I have had to close my bank account to prevent future withdrawls. I have also asked for a refund and again get no response. I am currently in the process of following your advice in writing to the company and sending it ... Read More »

      Bank of America Close My Father’s Line of Credit. Is There a Class Action Suit About This?

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      “Dear Steve, My father had a line of credit with BofA and they canceled with out notice They had no just cause. No late payments on the account or anything else. I read there was a class action lawsuit against BofA. I can’t find that article or any info on it. I believe the law firm is out of the ... Read More »

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