Why Does ClearOne Advantage Have No Rating With the BBB?

Question: Dear Steve, I was looking at Clear One Advantage and tried clicking on the BBB Accredited Business A+ link featured on the homepage of their website. However, the link doesn’t work. I searched the BBB and found the Clear One Advantage profile, which shows “No Rating.” Here: https://www.bbb.org/us/md/baltimore/profile/debt-relief-services/clearone-advantage-0011-90096368 Any idea why the No Rating? … Read more

Why is ClearOne Advantage Charging Me More Than Allowed in My State?

Question: Dear Steve, I want to keep my info private for now because I need to contact the appropriate authorities such as the Texas OCCC, Attorney General, and anyone else who can help me. Long story short I was not happy with my services from ClearOne and decided to seek the help of an attorney … Read more

Clear One Advantage – Consumer Complaint – September 26, 2019

Consumer Statement: I have paid Clear One Advantage a total of 3246.00 of which only 200.00 has actually been paid to my creditors. They make a claim during the “ marketing call to save you 40% off your debt when I’m actually after there fee is paid you end up saving far less. They have … Read more

I Took Out a Advance Finance Loan While I Was Working With ClearOne Advantage

Question: Dear Steve, Doing debt settlement but not making it … trapped by flex loan I’m into my second year of a debt settlement program with ClearOne Advantage. It was going fine until they started asking for additional payments to settle individual loans. It got to be so much, I’ve been getting local and online … Read more

ClearOne Advantage – Consumer Complaint – March 12, 2015

Consumer Statement: Completely being railroaded by ClearOne Advantage. At such wits end with endless woven and looped cycles of continued never-ending payments (after 3 yrs), difficult to understand fancy words, and rude employees. Consumer Action Taken: Tried to talk with COA and global reps, never getting anywhere. Date This Problem Happened: March 11, 2015 State … Read more

CRL Comes Out With Debt Settlement Warning. Is it Fair?

The Center for Responsible Lending just released a paper on debt settlement. Take a look at the information they published and add your comment below if you think their research is on the mark or way off base. It appears CRL relied upon data published by the American Fair Credit Council in making their determinations … Read more

Clear One Advantage and ACCC Both Say They Can Help Us With Our Debt. – Ty

“Dear Steve, My wife and I have a combined debt of 75,000.00. A large part of this is due to using credit cards when I was out of work for a year and a half. This was 4 yrs ago. We are current on all of our debt but find that we are just getting … Read more