College In-House Lending Practices to Get CFPB Attention

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) announced it will begin examining the operations of post-secondary schools, such as for-profit colleges, that extend private loans directly to students. The CFPB is issuing an update to its exam procedures including a new section on institutional student loans. As the CFPB begins its supervision, the exam procedures inform … Read more

How Do I Get My Robert Morris University Transcript?

Question: Dear Steve, I was a former student at Robert Morris University and graduated in Feb 2020 before it merge with another University, at this time I haven’t received my official diploma from Robert Morris University yet and it is really frustrating for me. I have been calling and emailing at both institutions for my … Read more

Why Can’t I Get My Transcript From the College of St. Rose?

Question: Dear Steve, have a concern I would like to address. I used to attend the College of St. Rose In Albany I had to drop out due to my sudden sickness in 2016. I have been trying to contact my college in regards to getting my transcript. It’s been almost 4 years since I … Read more

How Can I Get My Boston Reed College Transcript and Money Back?

Question: Dear Steve, I went to a college in California for a 3 month EKG tech program successfully completed and paid for from my parents. Boston Reed College literally after we all had graduated and tried finding jobs the school was later discredited and now we can’t get ahold of anyone because the site no … Read more

University of Oklahoma is Preventing Me From Getting Into Law School


Question: Dear Steve, I’m applying to law school in California, and need my undergrad transcripts to finish my application. I graduated from the University of Oklahoma, and last January I enrolled in a Masters of Legal studies program. I had applied for VA benefits, and the funding didn’t get approved until this month (November). They … Read more

California Passes Law to Prevent Schools From Withholding Transcripts

California recently signed into law AB-1313 Higher Education: Prohibited debt collection practices. This law finally deals with the issue of schools withholding transcripts that would allow a student with debt to continue their education. In most states, it is an accepted practice for colleges and universities to not release the official college transcript until all … Read more

How Can I Break My Brooklyn College Transcript Out of Jail?

Question: Dear Steve, I have 110 credits at Brooklyn College but can’t get my transcripts released due to owing 10,000 (due to health problems!). They sent it to a collection agency, so I can’t even do a payment plan. What do you advise? Should I fight the actual debt and pay a lawyer, would filing … Read more

Can I File Bankruptcy and Get My Transcript for My University?

Question: Dear Steve, I owe university, need my official transcripts to apply for a professional license. University has sent the debt to collection agency. After my bankruptcy is filed/discharged will the school have to release my official transcript and actual diploma? Pamela Answer: Dear Pamela, If the debt is owed to the school directly, then … Read more

Bankruptcy is Wrong But I Don’t Want to Pay My Christian College

Question: Dear Steve, My Situation is very similar to the situation in this post. The main and only difference is that I completed one year of school at a Christian private school, and it was towards a degree in Bible. I now want to return to school, but towards a business degree. I might have … Read more

My Niece Left College and Owes Them Money But Wants Her Transcript

Question: Dear Steve, I am inquiring for my niece. She attended a college in Tallahassee and they will not release her transcript due to a debt they says she owes. She was 7 months pregnant when it became difficult for her to continue. She did not officially withdraw from the classes. She is wanting to … Read more

Just Because You Are Being Chased for Student Loan Debt Does Not Mean You Owe It

Question: Dear Steve, I attended college on a company education program. The program signed and send the voucher tuition check to the school. later, after the time to drop the class with no fee had passed the program decided to what they said rescind the money. Now I owe the college. That was in 2006. … Read more

Do I Need All My Transcripts to Go to a New College?

Question: Dear Steve, I’m in a huge dilemma… I attended a community college in fall 2010 to spring 2011… I then transferred to a private university (Millikin University) from the fall of 2011 to spring 2012 and dropped out (young and foolish) I ended up attended Northwest Missouri State in 2013 to 2014. Decided to … Read more

Should My School Release My Transcripts if the Sent Me a 1099

Question: Dear Steve, So I attended a university where I completed my associates, and then went on to get my bachelor’s, well as part of the program you have to take electives,at the time the school offered you to take FEMA classes to count towards the credits, which I needed 22 of them and they … Read more