A Decade of Student Loan Servicer Harm Only Costs Company $3.9 Million. LOL.

In what feels like an unfair outcome the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) announced a settlement with Conduent Education Services, LLC (CES), a student loan servicing company that formerly operated under the name of ACS Education Services. And while the company is winding up operations and this might have been the best outcome the CFPB … Read more

How Can I Force Conduent to Verify My Federal Student Loan Debt?

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Question: Dear Steve, Graduated in 2007. Took out small loans with Sallie Mae and ACS. Sallie Mae is now Navient and ACS is now Conduent. I lost my paperwork and after many attempts including CFPB, Sallie Mae (Navient) responded with a marketing piece saying how wonderful they were, but no original paperwork: they say I … Read more