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5 Ways to Slash Your Monthly Expenses


It can often seem like your monthly income flows right back out. If you feel like your money is gone before you even have a chance to choose where it goes, you may need to get a handle on your finances. Regular monthly expenses can fill  your budget easily, leaving less money to spend now and save for the future. ... Read More »

    What’s the Best Way to Consolidate Debt?

    Debt Consolidation Loan Approved Stamp Shows Consolidated Loans Agreed

    By Jocelyn Baird, NextAdvisor.com We are a nation of people in debt, and it doesn’t seem to be getting any better. According to data released by the Federal Reserve this February, Americans’ revolving, non-mortgage credit increased in December 2014 to $ 3.3 trillion — while non-revolving credit (such as student and auto loans) rose to $ 2.42 trillion, as reported ... Read More »

      The Ultimate Debt Consolidation Loan Guide: Getting Approved, Acting Smart, and Being Wise


      You hear a lot of rubbish online about getting a debt consolidation loan and a lot of just flat out incorrect information. It’s time to put an end to that and help you get the facts so you can make a good educated decision. So here is my guide to help you learn the pros and cons about getting a ... Read More »

        How Do I Consolidate My Credit Card Debt Into One Payment? – Michelle


        “Dear Steve, I would like to consolidate my credit card debt into one payment to lower my payments and can see a end date. What is the best way to do this and what company can help? I don’t have extra money to pay down. Michelle” Dear Michelle, That’s hard to tell just based on what you shared. But let’s ... Read More »

          I Have Bad Credit, Little Equity, and a Lot of Debt I Want to Consolidate. – Jason

          “Dear Andy, I have an existing mortgage (130k principle, 140k value) I have approximately $52,082 debt (Cars, Credit Cards, etc..) My credit scores as of 7/1 are 554,620,589 Of that $52k $26k resides in 3 creditors hands that have high interest rates (10%+ range). Only having a few thousand in equity in my home and not having a good credit ... Read More »

            Who Can I Trust for a Debt Consolidation Loan? – Donald

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            “Dear Steve, Currently have credit card debt totaling about 16,000 and two car loans with pay off amounts of about 23,000 combined. I am keeping up on the monthly payments, but some months are cutting it close. With 40,000 in unsecured debt that I am looking to consolidate into 1 lower payment. Is there any bank or lending group out ... Read More »

              Consolidating My Debt, Is It Possible to Get a Debt Consolidation Loan? – Ash

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              “Dear Steve, I started of by having a couple of credit cards with high interest rates. I would open up another account and do balance transfer to lower the interest rate. Instead of closing the older account with higher rates, I would use them again. So now all my credit cards have a balance. I’m not charging on them anymore ... Read More »

                I’m Looking to Consolidate My Debt With Capital One and Citifinancial. – Gary

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                “Dear Steve, I’m glad that I found your site! Anyway, my cc situation started some years ago when Capitol One,of which I have two accounts,changed my due date for my payment and I didn’t realize it until it was too late. They had already raised my rate and added their service charges. I called and tried to nego. with them ... Read More »

                  How Can I Consolidate My Debt and Get My Life On-Track Again? Carol

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                  “Dear Steve, I need to consolidate my debt to one payment get on a budget and get my life on track with my finances. LEARN TO BUDGET and not spend foolishly Can i get a loan in conjuction with paying of creditors?? Help Carol”   Dear Carol, I had the following questions that I’d like for you to answer before ... Read More »

                    AK Wants to Use His Credit Cards to Consolidate His Debts

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                    AK “Dear Steve, My debt ratio seems high to me and I am thinking about using my credit card to consolidate my debts. I also, need to know how long to keep statements. I want to reduce clutter, but am not sure if I should keep bank statements and other statements since I do online banking and statements. What is ... Read More »

                      Where Can I Go to Get a Consolidation Loan With a Better Interest Rate? – Jennifer

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                      “Dear Steve, Citibank MasterCard increased my interest rate to 19.99% from 14.99% in the summer. I have a balance of $6,000 now. I have always tried to pay twice the amt due. Since my rate increase my debt is increasing. I have paid $1200 in the past 6 months and have not seen a significant decrease in the balance. They ... Read More »

                        Seven Ways to Stick It to Your Creditors

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                        Many of the people I talk to feel their creditors have taken advantage of them. Most of that belief is a misperception. The vast majority of creditors follow the rules and abide by the agreements they sent you when you applied for credit. However, people are still plenty upset with their creditors and want to know how they can get ... Read More »

                          I Am Looking to Consolidate My Debt And Then Form a Plan to Get Rid of It. – Drowning In Debt

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                          Drowning In Debt “Dear Steve, In a TON of debt…looking for a way out. I am looking first to consolidate my debt, then form a plan to get rid of it. I have a $235,000 mortgage at 5%, a $65,000 interest-only second mortgage at 3.75% and about $47,000 worth of credit card bills. I was one of the millions of ... Read More »

                            Debt Loans and Debt Consolidation

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                            There are things hardwired into our brains. Our heart beats when we sleep, we breathe, we dream. When it comes to money problems, one of the automatic solutions people think of is the need to get a debt consolidation loan. Debt Loans Getting a debt consolidation loan is not an automatic guarantee that it will solve the bad credit problem. ... Read More »

                              Should I Payoff My Credit Cards With a HELOC or a 401(k) Loan? – David

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                              “Dear Steve, I have 2 high interest credit cards I want to eliminate quickly.I am considering obtaining a HELOC at 4.25% vs borrowing from one of my 401-k and repaying it at 6.25%. Do you have advice on which should be the preferred solution or do you have a better idea? David”   Dear David, Leave the 401(k) alone. The ... Read More »

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