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I’m on a Fixed Income and Can’t Afford to Pay on Cosigned Student Loan


Question: Dear Steve, I co-signed for my son in 2008–payment were current until Nov 2015 when he lost his job. He has talked to them several time at Navient-Sallie Mae sold loan to them- now I am getting calls about 4 times a day, I’m retired on fixed income of appx $1150 month. They just tell me I have to ... Read More »

    An Old Bank of America Loan Has Surfaced And I’m Being Threatened With a Lawsuit. – Nancy

    Divorce papers and cash with misc items

    “Dear Steve, 56 yrs old getting a divorce, left with much Irs debt from husband have to go back to school to refresh my nursing skills. Selling my house to pay off Irs and morgage and car. Will have to start all over (small apt, work full time ect.) My bank of america loan from many years back was charged ... Read More »

      Will My Girlfriend Lose Her Car I Cosigned for When I File Bankruptcy? – Marc

      Ready to Collapse

      “Dear Steve, I am divorced and have about $100k in unsecured debt due to job loss and other issues which arose in my marriage. I am just treading water with the bills (including alimony and child support) and am sinking fast. I believe I am going to have to file Chapter 7 BK as I am never going to dig ... Read More »

        We Don’t Make Enough Money to Repay Our Debt. What Do We Do? – Melody

        Ready to Collapse

        “Dear Steve, I started out with nothing graduating from a private christian home. However I have accrued a $3,000 or more student loan. The first college I tried going to was a big money racket but i didn’t know that, now I do. I have about a $1,500 credit card debt that is already in collections. I have about a ... Read More »

          Can I Get My Truck My Father-In-Law Cosigned For In The Divorce? – Daryll

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          “Dear Steve, Can I get the truck my father in law co signed for me, now that my wife and i are getting a divorce? Daryll” Dear Daryll, If the truck is in your name alone then it’s your truck. If the truck is titled in your names and your wife’s name then that would be a matter of how ... Read More »

            I Cosigned on My Son’s Car Loan. Now They Want Me to Pay. – Ellen

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            “Dear Steve, I got behond on my cerit cards and signed up for careone. its been going great till now. I am in a credit counsiling program with careone which is going great till recently ive got a call that my son lost his car I co-signed for and they are now wanting to put a lien on my home ... Read More »

              Cosigned for a Debt For My Girlfriend. Now She Refuses to Pay It. – Mike

              Ready to Collapse

              “Dear Steve, Around 8-9 years ago I cosigned on a debt for my girlfriend who had a teenage girl that was in trouble. The loan was to get her off the street and into a private school in montana. about 3-6 months after the signing, her and I broke up. present day I started getting calls from creditors saying that ... Read More »

                I Co-Signed a Sallie Mae School Tuition Loan for a Friend But They Say They Can’t Pay. – Vincent

                Ready to Collapse

                Hi, i co-signed a school tuition loan from sallie mae about 10 yrs ago for then a close family friend. I recently applied for an apartment and found out he didnt pay anything and it destroyed my credit. This person has a personal buisness and a BMW and only crys poverty when I beg him to pay his debt. The ... Read More »

                  Bart Simpson Actress Sued After Cosigning for Boyfriend

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                  How many times do I have to say, never, ever cosign. It just winds up badly in most cases. Now cosigning tragedy has struck the voice of Bart Simpson. TMZ is reporting: Nancy Cartwright — the voice of Bart Simpson — is a defendant in a lawsuit involving her fiance’s suicide, a failed construction project, and the Church of Scientology ... Read More »

                    My Fiance Cosigned for My Private Student Loans. – Tori

                    Ready to Collapse

                    “Dear Steve, In 2003, I took out a private student loan with my then-fiance as my cosigner. We broke up in 2004. I graduated in December of 2004. At that point, I had 3 credit cards. I ended up deciding to go back to school and get my Master’s degree less than 6 months later because I couldn’t make loan ... Read More »

                      They Garnish My Wages For the Car I Cosigned For. – Denise

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                      “Dear Steve, i co-signed for my son to get a car. He got sick and lost the car and his job. so now they’ve garnished my wages, because they can’t do his if i get another job to go with the one i have,will they garnish that job too? Denise” Dear Denise, They may if they find out about the ... Read More »

                        I Cosigned for My Sister’s Truck and Now She Can’t Make The Payments. – James

                        Ready to Collapse

                        “Dear Steve, Hello..my question is I co signed on a lease for a truck for my sister..dumbest thing I’ve ever done. It’s got bout 10 payments and she cannot Pay it either can I. What are my options what can I do to not hurt my credit anymore? Screwed and regretful Anything I can to not have keep making the ... Read More »

                          I Guaranteed a Loan for Another Business. Will They Come After Me? – Vernal

                          Ready to Collapse

                          “Dear Steve, Self-employed, Signed on some loans for another person’s business, that person is not paying. Now they are coming after me and have put a lien on my property. And another loan, they got a judgement and zeroed out our bank accounts, have no money. everyone is coming after me. I own 2 pieces of land and a house ... Read More »

                            Will My Friend that Cosigned for My Motorcycle Be Stuck With My Debt When I Go Bankrupt? – Tommy

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                            Tommy “Dear Steve, Currently have two accounts opened with Honda Card Services, financed through GE. On one of the cards I was charged for a motorcycle which later got stolen (No gap, no insurance), and the other card was used for maintenance of the bike (oil changes, etc). Both cards were co-signed with one of my close friends and I ... Read More »

                              I Had a Capital One Card in My Chapter 13 Bankruptcy and Now They Are Going After My Mom. – Tonia

                              Ready to Collapse

                              “Dear Steve, I filed chapter 13 October 2008. A Capital One Credit Card charge was included. At my meeting for creditor’s they did not appear nor was there a claim for me to repay the card to them made to be included in my payments. My mother was a cosigner on the card and now they’re suing her. What are ... Read More »

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