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My Ex-Husband Stopped Paying the Student Loans and I Cosigned

Divorce papers and cash with misc items

“Dear Steve, I cosigned for a private student loan for my exhusband while we were married in 2007. There is a court order stating that he was required to refinance the loans in his name only which he never did, so I have proceeded to sue him and he is in contempt of court. He has recently filed for bankruptcy ... Read More »

    I Co-Signed for a Sallie Mae Student Loan for an Ex-Boyfriend. – Lisa


    “Dear Steve, When I was 18 I co-signed a Sallie Mae loan for my boyfriend. I am now 29 and we broke up about 2 years ago. He has fallen on hard times and stopped paying his loans and they are coming after me for the money. It is damaging my credit and I may need to move back in ... Read More »

      We Cosigned for Some Student Loans for a Friend. How Do We Get Released? – Michael

      Ready to Collapse

      My wife co signed for some student loans for a friend a few years back. Now that we are married it has come back to haunt us both personally and financially. The bank and student had originally told my wife that she could be let out of the co sign. Now sallie may says no. The student is willing to ... Read More »

        How do I stop being liable for my sons student loans? – Suzanne

        Ready to Collapse

        I’ve co-signed on several of my son’s student loans. I have been making payments for several years on these loans while he was in graduate school. He recently moved out of the country and is still not earning a steady income. I don’t believe he has any intention of ever making payments. Is there any way of getting out of ... Read More »

          Cosigned for Student Loans. What Are My Options Now? – Scott

          Ready to Collapse

          “Dear Steve, My son graduated high school 2002, went off to college at Milwaukee School of engineering. I was making in the low 6 figures and was not living any extravagant lifestyle, so I had no problem co-signing for his student loans. Well after 4 years of going to school and then giving up… he is or I should say ... Read More »

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