Credence Law Group – Consumer Complaint – October 9, 2014

Consumer Statement: Credence Law Group contacted me and after a brief review of my situation told me that I was eligible for a medication on my high interest mortgage. even though I clearly stated to them that I was never late with my payments. But their processor said that I will still be able to … Read more

Credence Law Group – Consumer Complaint – March 24, 2014

Consumer Statement: We were scammed by Credence Law Group, and now we are losing our home. We started this process over a year ago sent them 3 payments totaling just over $3600.00. They sent legal looking documents back for us to sign with 2 of them stating we could not contact our lender and to … Read more

Credence Law Group – Consumer Complaint – December 19, 2013

Consumer Statement: I received a solicitation in the mail with Bank of America (my mortgage holder) as the sender in the beginning of Feb 2013. So I called and it turned out to be Credence Law Group and that they would be able to help me. Naturally I am a very skeptical person, but they … Read more

Why is Daniel Ruggiero Associated With Credence Law Group?

“Dear Steve, I’ve been helping a relative that has been scammed into a mortgage modification by Credence Law Group. While doing some research on how to assist them I came across a website. I noticed something interesting… one of the letters they received from Credence was signed by Daniel Goldsmith Ruggiero. When I googled his … Read more

Credence Law Group – Consumer Complaint – October 9, 2013

Consumer Statement: We were contacted by credence law group they were going to help get a modification on our home loan. we gave them 3450.00 to obtain modification. AS of this date we do not have modification and our home is in foreclosure. Consumer Action Taken: We have repeatedly contacted company. a lady named leslie … Read more

Credence Law Group – Consumer Review – October 8, 2013

Consumer Complaint Submission

Company Name: Credence Law Group Describe the Service You Received: hi Guys.this is Karl i’m working with Credence Law Group for loan modification.I applied July 2013. After my first payment which was days later my case mgr was Gab then i get e-mail Sept 9 that a Derek Jones will be working my case,i never … Read more

Is Credence Law Group a Legit Company or a Scam? – John

“Dear Steve, I have been approved for a loan modification thru Credence Law Group. They are now asking for $3600.00 fees. They say they are sending paperwork and contracts for me to sign tomorrow. I need to know if this company is legit? I have nothing in hand to confirm that I am approved. What … Read more

What Do You Know About Credence Law Group? – Gary

“Dear Steve, Filed bankruptcy… trying to keep my home with a modofied mortgage .. responded to Credence Law Group mailing … What do you know if anything regarding Credence Law Group? Gary” Dear Gary, My radar is up when it comes to Credence Law Group. There are a number of warning signs that have me … Read more