My Wife Was Falsely Arrested Because of Credit Card Debt

Question: Dear Steve, My wife was recently arrested at my home for a credit card debt.. had to bail herself out and appear in court the following week.. well when we showed up at court the gentleman representing the company informed my wife she was falsely arrested and was current on her payments. Billy Answer: … Read more

I’m Paying My Credit Card Debt But Stopped Paying My Navient Private Student Loan

Question: Dear Steve, I took out a Private student loan with Navient of $5000 in 2007 with my grandmother as the co-signer. Since graduating in 2014 the student loan as doubled with interest and fees to $10000. When I graduated, I struggled financially so I placed the loan in forbearance. A few years later, I … Read more

We Are Struggling With Credit Card Debt We Can’t Pay. Should We Go With Actify?

Question: Dear Steve, My husband and I have about $18,000 in credit card debt and unsecured debt. We got into trouble after my husband had a stroke in 2014. I had to close down his trucking business. I was able to pay off most of that debt, but got behind on our personal debt. I … Read more

What’s the Best Way to Get Out of Credit Card Debt Without Bankruptcy?

Question: Dear Steve, I’m 70 year’s old and in Credit Card debt plus over spent. What’s best for me to limit my credit card debt without filing bankruptcy. George Answer: Dear George, Starting by eliminating options to help you get out of the hole you are in is not the best first step. If you … Read more

Credit Card Debt Mailer for S&N Debt Solutions Leads to Beyond Finance

I received the following mailer as part of my I Buy Junk Mail program. People with credit card debt are apparently being targeted with this mailer that contains a fake credit card in it. S&N Debt Solutions, who also identifies themselves in the mailer as the S&N Financial Solutions Consolidation Alternative, has sent this mailer … Read more

My Ex-Husband Committed Suicide With Me Still On His Credit Cards

Question: Dear Steve, My ex husband died, suicide. We have been divorced 7 years. We had no outstanding credit card debt when divorced. There is an attorney handling his estate and I was contacted and told that there are 2 credit cards that still have my name on them and there is now a balance … Read more

I’m Here on a Green Card and Need to Consolidate My Credit Card Debt

Question: Dear Steve, I came into this country as an international student for the purpose of attending college. I did not have a job and I couldn’t work legally because of my status. I did odds and ends jobs to survive because I had tuition to pay and also I was living alone as I … Read more

I’m Being Chased by AAFES and Military Star Card for a Debt I Paid – Brandon

Question: Dear Steve, In 2010, I opened a Military Star Card account with AAFES. I soon slipped into default after losing my job, and I was forced to go on disability (both Social Security and VA). We received notices from Star Card, but could not do anything about it. A year or so later, they … Read more

How Your Parents’ Help Could Hurt Your Chances of Buying a Home

Getting a mortgage will probably be the largest transaction of your life — no doubt, it will have an impact on your finances for the next 30 years. With that in mind, when it comes to how much you can borrow for that big transaction, any debts you have now will reduce that amount. And … Read more