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Keith Writes in And Wants To Know “Should I Consider Debt Consolidation For a Fee?”

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Keith “I have $30,000 in credit card debt plus $160,000 in home loans and business loans. Should I consider debt consolidation from a company that charges me a fee each month?” Keith, Excellent question and my answer may surprise you, Yes! Nonprofit credit counseling programs brag that many of them are free or at a low cost, but that comes ... Read More »

    How to Shop for a Good Debt Management Program

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    You deserve to feel completely certain that you’ve picked the best organization to help you solve your financial issues. We’ve prepared this list of questions to help you find the right organization to represent you. 1. Will You Send Me Information About Your Organization and Programs? A credit counseling organization should be willing to give you information about its programs ... Read More »

      Carol Wrote Me And Asked “Would You Advise Debt Consolidation?”

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      Carol “Dear Steve We are in debt up to our eyes. We are not behind in anything. We didn’t want to get to that point. We were denied financing our house for a longer period of time–our debt to credit ratio wasn’t good enough. However, we didn’t want to borrow any extra money. Would you advise a debt consolidation? Carol” ... Read More »

        Lauren is Searching For Ways to Get Out Of Debt And Make Her Bad Credit Go Away

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        “Dear Steve, If I find a consolidation company to help me pay my bills will my bad credit go away? Lauren” The Answer   Dear Lauren, It is usual for people to search for a magic wand that will make their debt go away without impacting their credit report. There really is no such solution, and here’s why. In order ... Read More »

          I Am in a Debt Management Plan With Only $100 a Month to Spare. – Lynn

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          “Dear Steve, I have about 24000 in debt credit cards and loans. I was in a debt management plan about 5 months ago with a local company. I was off of work for a sort time. What I currently pay out now i have about $100 left each month to live on. If I decide to go with another company ... Read More »

            How Do I Handle the One Creditor Not in My Debt Consolidation Plan That is Suing Me? – Tony

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            Tony “Dear Steve, I currently have most of all my credit cards in a debt consolidation program except one. One of them cant go on the debt program because its in litigation How do I handle that ? Tony” The Answer   Dear Tony, I’m left wondering how effective this debt consolidation program is that you are in. If the ... Read More »

              I’m Enrolled in a Credit Counseling Program And Thinking About Dropping Out and Paying Creditors Myself. – Wilder

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              Wilder “Dear Steve, I am enrolled in a debt management program( consolidation) for about 2 years and i am thinking to cancel my subscription and make those payments directly to the banks instead of through this consolidation agency. I wonder if the interest will go back high if I drop out of this program? I called a couple of credit ... Read More »

                Why Does Credit Counseling Drop Us When We Can’t Make The Payment. – Tracy

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                Tracy “Dear Steve, My husband and I are self employes and dont make a lot of money.he use to have a steady job before being laid off two yrs ago..we tried consolidating our debt and were kicked out of the program because we couldnt afford the monthly creditors are calling all day and I dont know what to say..we ... Read More »

                  Trish Says “Credit Counselor Is Going Out of Business And I’m Late On Payments”

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                  “Dear Steve, I have been enrolled with a consumer law center that was working with my creditors on my outstanding credit cards. I was late on payments up to 4 months. I was told today that the law center is closing without helping to pay off my creditors. I was making payments to them at $200.00 per month and I ... Read More »

                    I Signed Up With Money Management International and Now I Have Bad Credit. – Anna

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                    “Dear Steve, About six months ago I signed up for Money Management Internationals Debt Management Program. I pay about a thousand dollars a month and my debt will be paid off in 30 months. I recently saw my credit report and found that because of MMI there have been 12 late payments on my report since I signed up with ... Read More »

                      I’m in Debt and Talked to CCCS and They Said They Could Not Help Me. – Ray

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                      Ray “Dear Steve, I have about $75,000 in credit card debt on 3 cards. I know I have been spending beyond my means and I have already changed my ways. I didn’t have any trouble paying my bills until a few months ago, when several things that needed cash added up. I have never been late on payment of any ... Read More »

                        AK Wants to Use His Credit Cards to Consolidate His Debts

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                        AK “Dear Steve, My debt ratio seems high to me and I am thinking about using my credit card to consolidate my debts. I also, need to know how long to keep statements. I want to reduce clutter, but am not sure if I should keep bank statements and other statements since I do online banking and statements. What is ... Read More »

                          I’m Up to My Ears in Debt. – Nathan

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                          Nathan “Dear Steve, I am up to my ears in CC debt. I thought about going through companies like care one, etc. I have two cards with capital one, one with wachovia, one with chase. what do i do. this is on top of student loans and i am spreadin very very thin on money. i tried to reason with ... Read More »

                            Terri Wants to Know “Is There a Way to Get Out of Debt Without Ruining Our Credit?”

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                            Terri wrote and asked her question through the site. If you have a credit or debt question you’d like to ask, just visit this page and ask. My help is totally free. “Dear Steve, We have appox $50,000 in revolving debt, 2 vehicle payments, 1st and second mtg, we pay everything on time and have a small amount left ... Read More »

                              TOP STORY > >Hunker down in hard times – Arkansas Leader

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                              TOP STORY > >Hunker down in hard times Arkansas Leader, AR - 6 hours ago “ Get out of debt – don’t let anything hold you down,” Reeves said. “We’ve cut back on spending everywhere we could to save money. ... Read More »

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