Credit Repair Operator Gets 63 Months in Federal Prison

Edwin Jacquet was sentenced yesterday in Manhattan federal court to 63 months in prison for his leadership role in what is believed to be the largest known credit repair fraud scheme ever charged. He was also ordered to pay more than $9.3 million in restitution for the losses caused by the scheme. Jacquet pled guilty … Read more

I Used the Credit Card of a UK Friend and Now the Creditor is Calling Them. – Arnold

“Dear Jon, i used the credit card of my friend,and im not abble to pay the monthly bill because of my salary situations,and right now the bank is always calling my friend for the payment,the payment that i am the one who’s responsible for that my question is..it is possible to transfer in my name … Read more

I Was Previously Married to Someone Who Fraudulently Used My Credit. – Melissa

“Dear Jon, I was previously married to someone who was using my credit fraudlently and there is about 10,000 worth of debt to my name with no proof of what he has done. I am now married to a citizen of the UK with about 4,000 in debt in England and due to the immigration … Read more

I’m a Victim of Credit Fraud By My Husband. We Are Now Divorced. – Bobbi

Bobbi “Dear Steve, Divorced and stuck with huge debt from marriage. What is the best way for me to get out of debt and have decent credit again? I was married to a “spender” who tricked me so many times – getting loans and credit cards under my name without asking me, made himself an … Read more

People Do Stupid Things to Get Out of Debt. Postal Worker Sent to Jail.

It never surprises me anymore to hear the silly things that people do to get out of debt. It easily ranges from outright theft, embezzlement, credit fraud, identity theft, etc. But it does always surprises me to hear people say they are so paranoid about identity theft that they refuse to use a credit card … Read more