Why Are You a Sheep and Publishing False Information About Credit Privacy Numbers? I’m Going to Get You.

Question: Dear Steve, Why are you writing false information about that group and using that douchebag for all your information?? This is the problem your a sheep like everyone else you dont truly do your homework just let someone else feed it to your. YOU my friend are bullshit im just giving you the heads …

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CPN Numbers Are “Totally Legit” So Read This Now Before You Get Your Tradeline

If you’ve been to the corners of social media you may have seen posts offering a CPN to get credit with. A CPN is a Credit Profile Number, Credit Protection Number, or Credit Privacy Number which is used in place of your social security number to get credit. I’ve written about CPN numbers in the …

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CPN and Dormant Social Security Numbers, Another Scam

The Independent Mail out of Anderson, South Carolina is reporting that the CPN scam I previously wrote about, CPN – Credit Profile Number / Credit Privacy Number – Craigslist Scam to Watch Out For, is still chugging along. The numbers are usually in the name of young children who have no credit history but can …

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