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Is Debt Included in Bankruptcy Removed From My Credit Report? – Dave

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“Dear Steve, I have most unsecured credit card debt from major banks. Approximately $70,000. If one does file Chapter 7 bankruptcy, would that immediately remove all past due accounts, defaulted accounts, accounts in collection, etc. from my credit report? I know that normally negative credit items usually remain on one’s credit reports for up to 7 years. BUT if they ... Read More »

    I Want Debts I Paid Off Removed From My Credit Report. – Karen

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    “Dear Steve, I have a few debts that went to collection, but have been paid off. Now my credit is bad and i want to clear it up FAST! What can I do? What can I do? Is there someone who can help me contact these companies to have the items removed and my credit score raised? Karen” The Answer ... Read More »

      Upfront Fee Credit Repair Companies Sued by MA AG

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      BOSTON – Attorney General Martha Coakley’s Office has filed a lawsuit against two individuals who charged illegal upfront fees and allegedly made false promises to fix Massachusetts consumers’ credit reports through their credit repair businesses. The individuals operate under the business names of Credit Score Rebuilders and Integrity Credit Restoration. The lawsuit, filed last week against Reilly Silvia of West ... Read More »

        Credit Repair Boss Steals Nearly a Million Dollars from Best Buy

        In 2006, Joseph A. Graziola, III was charged by the Federal Trade Commission for his fraudulent credit repair activities under his company Bad Credit B Gone. This case ended with a $322,047 judgment against Graziola. Bad Debt B Gone was nailed for making the same old stupid and fraudulent promises of removing accurate but negative items from credit reports. This ... Read More »

          Lauren is Searching For Ways to Get Out Of Debt And Make Her Bad Credit Go Away

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          “Dear Steve, If I find a consolidation company to help me pay my bills will my bad credit go away? Lauren” The Answer   Dear Lauren, It is usual for people to search for a magic wand that will make their debt go away without impacting their credit report. There really is no such solution, and here’s why. In order ... Read More »

            How Do I Go About Getting My Credit Score Back Up? – CH

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            CH “Dear Steve, I have a bad credit score from some late pays on my home from a couple of years ago and one report said that one was a missed payment? Also there is a no pay on one other collection. Since than I have a good paying job and I can’t get a loan. I need to know ... Read More »

              Legally Change Your Name But Not Your Social Security Number to Get Good Credit

              Alias Credit Repair

              Here is a new trick that is totally not worth the $3,999 that’s being charged, let alone $39, in my opinion. This company that is promoting you can have a good credit score by legally changing your name but keeping your old social security number. Now from the advertisement above it sounds miraculous. But how about this statement, “Only use ... Read More »

                Debt Settlement Company, Debt Negotiations Associates, Credit Repair Company, and Attorney to Settle FTC Charges

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                A promoter of credit repair and debt relief services has agreed to settle Federal Trade Commission charges that he deceived consumers into paying thousands of dollars based on false promises that he could help solve their credit and debt problems with debt settlement and credit repair services. According to the FTC, the promoter falsely told consumers he could improve their ... Read More »

                  Legally Remove Negative Information on Your Credit Report

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                  Well it has happened again. Yet another credit repair organization has fallen under the sledgehammer known as the Federal Trade Commission and you know what, rightfully so, idiot scammers. Wishful consumers desperate for a quick fix to hide accurate but negative items on their credit report are easy prey for credit repair scammers looking to make a quick illegal buck. ... Read More »

                    What’s The Best Way to Clear Up My Credit? – James

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                    “Dear Steve, I’m trying to pay off debts but they appear to keep poping up. Steve, what is the best way to clear up your credit and score is to pay off every delinquent debt you have or to pay off one of these so called attorneys to contest the debt and see what happens? James” The Answer Dear James, ... Read More »

                      We Are Looking Forward to Buying Our First Home But Our Credit Sucks. – Casey

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                      Casey “Dear Steve, My husband and i are looking forward to buying our first home next summer. So right now we are in the process of getting are credit reports to see what would affect are interest rates and loan amt so we can pay those particular items off faster than the other not as important ones. I pulled my ... Read More »

                        What’s Your Advice About Using Novation for Debt Elimination? – Melissa

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                        “Hello Steve, I’m doing some research on paying of debt and I came across your website. I’m hoping you can give me some sound advice. I am 31 years old, single with $19K in unsecured credit card debt. I’m sure my story is just as sob as anyone elses, so I won’t bother sharing it. The bottom line is that ... Read More »

                          Can a JAG Lawyer Help Me Clean Up My Credit Report? – Nathan

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                          “Dear Steve, I have multiple accounts on my credit that are in outstanding order. However, I also have 4 derogatory accounts that have brought my credit down quite considerably. Since a civilian lawyer can help by sending letters to credit companies and the business itself to dispute or investigate further (for usually a large fee), can JAG do the same ... Read More »

                            I Paid “The Credit Card Solution” and Bob Lindsey to Eliminate My Debt. Turns Out They Were a Scam. – Walter

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                            “Dear Steve, My name is Walter and I’m currently a senior psychology major at [XXXX] College. I have amassed over $10,000 in credit card debt from buying everything from a computer, Playstation 3, and even a High Def Television. As you can see, I really didn’t need any of the things that I bought and it has been really tough ... Read More »

                              I Would Like to Clear Up My Credit A.S.A.P. – Ginger

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                              Ginger “Dear Steve, I have had Identity theft happen to me and I have also messed up my credit. I want to move in July 2009. I would like to clear up my credit a.s.a.p. What are the best solutions to clearing up my credit? Ginger” The Answer   Dear Ginger, Clearing up your credit is a rather simple affair ... Read More »

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