How Can I Deal With My T-Mobile Credit Report Fraud?

Question: Dear Steve, Completed BK CH 7 and my credit scores were on the rise.Then I received a bill from T-mobile for service I NEVER had. Now my credit is tanked again just when I was starting to recover. T-Mobile fraud is investigating but I don’t know how to find if this T-mobile fraud is … Read more

Help! I Lost Out on an Apartment Because of a Credit Report Mistake

A reader, Emily, wrote to us after being turned down for an apartment because of a previous eviction for her husband — only he’d never been evicted. Instead, she thinks his records may have been confused with his father’s. Here’s her story: My husband and I tried getting an apartment last month and they denied … Read more

The Credit Report Has the Wrong Name on It as an Alias. – Paul

“Dear Steve, My brother’s name is Chris H and my wife’s name is Carrie H. Some how my brothers credit report has him listed as Chris H AKA Carrie H. They filed a report with the credit bureaus explaining the error but it hasn’t been fixed and this has been going on for quite a … Read more

How Can I Get My Payday Loan Off Her Credit Report? – Manuel

Manuel “Dear Steve, I have a cash advance loan currently in collections This loan was under my name only, however the collection agency has reported this collection with a credit reporting agency as a joint account and is showing up in her credit report. how can we get this out of her credit report? Manuel” … Read more