5 Ways You’re Accidentally Wrecking Your Credit

It’s one thing to knowingly make decisions that hurt your credit score. We’ve all been there, and sometimes tough decisions must be made. But it’s an entirely different situation to accidentally wreck your credit. In some cases, we make decisions without realizing the impact on our credit. In other cases we may know that certain … Read more

Keep Your Credit Utilization Under 30% For the Best Credit Score

This excerpt helps to explain why it’s best to keep your credit card balances low, even if you have to spread them over a larger pool of cards. The lesson to be learned from the credit scoring and credit bureaus themselves, keep your balances lower than 30% — “You don’t need a lot of credit … Read more

I Have Good Credit But a High Utilization Rate on One Card. What Should I Do? – William

“Dear Steve, I have good credit, and have several credit cards. On one, I have a utilization that is at around 50% (slightly more), and on another I have a zero balance. I am nervous that the one at 50% is high enough that it might effect my credit. Would it be wise to use … Read more