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My Credit Union Won’t Give Me My Car Title Because I Have a Credit Card Balance

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“Dear Steve, Worked for this credit union who in the past had federal investigators in when there were bogus loans. Worked there for 15 yrs. I paid my car loan off with my credit union but they won’t give me the title. I owe on a visa account there and they are pulling the cross collateral trick. Thing is I ... Read More »

    Grow Financial Credit Union Says They Are Holding My Car Title as Cross-Collateral. – Garrett


    “Dear Steve, I paid off my car with grow financial credit union in clearwater, Fl about three months ago. I have not rec’d a title and figure they are holding it as a cross collateralization clause somewhere in my paperwork. I defaulted on their cc due to the times. Can they reposses my paid up car??? What can I do ... Read More »

      My Bank Says if I Don’t Get My Personal Loan Current They Will Repo My Car. – Angelo

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      “Dear Steve, I have both a personal loan and a car loan through my bank both loans are past due. if i payed the auto loan up to date can my car still get repoed for being past due on the personal loan (bank told me over the phone that both had to be up to date to stop the ... Read More »

        Traded in Car But Credit Union Won’t Give Me My Title Due to Old Credit Card Debt. – Don

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        “Dear Steve, Credit Union who won’t release title of a car because of a credit card that charged off. Thank you for taking questions. My situation is a complicated one. I traded my car in and the dealership called the CU to get the payoff. They gave them the payoff in which they received the check 2 days later. Two ... Read More »

          I Paid Off My Car With My Credit Union But They Won’t Give Me the Title. – Linda

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          I paid off my car with the credit union they are holding my car title for Visa card payment. The Visa has been turned over to collection agency. For years I have not been able to get my title. I called up the credit union and asked about the title. They sent me a letter on their letterhead releasing the ... Read More »

            Can My Credit Union Repossess My Car If I’m Late On Another Loan? – Colette

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            “Dear Steve, I have a personal loan ( which is 3 months past due) and an auto loan , which is current, with the same credit union. Thay are now saying that the personal (signature) loan is cross-collateralized, and the want to repossess the car. I don’t remember agreeing to cross-collateralization – the loan was made in New York State, ... Read More »

              Can The Credit Union Keep My Car Title Till My Visa Card is Paid? – Shelley

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              “Dear Steve, I had a car loan through a credit union in Florida where I live..it was paid off in March of 2010…I also had a Visa through them, that went into default and was charged off…They refuse to release the car title..they sent the visa out to a collection agency, and the credit union said they will not release ... Read More »

                Car Title Being Held by Credit Union Even Though It is Paid Off. – Nicole

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                “Dear Steve, I am having an issue with a current creditor. I recently paid off my vehicle through my credit union. It has been a month and i called them asking about my title to the car. I have not received it yet. I was told they are holding it as I am one month behind on my primary personal ... Read More »

                  My Credit Union Says They Can Reposes My Car Because I’m Behind On My Credit Card Payment. – Mike

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                  “Dear Steve, I am up to date on my car payments but behind on my Visa payments. My credit union in Atlanta, Ga says they can seize my car because the Visa is secured by it and I never new about this, or the fact that they I had a secured Visa card. I do not live in Ga. I ... Read More »

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