Crown Financial Ministries – Is This Really What Jesus Would Do?

It’s probably been a decade since I went back and took a look at the site for Crown Financial Ministries. Frankly I was shocked about what I saw just now. It’s clear Crown Financial Ministries has moved a long way away from the foundation laid by Larry Burkett (Christian Financial Concepts) and Howard Dayton (Crown …

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I’d Like to Help People Eliminate Debt and Manage Their Money Using Christian Principals. – LaShaundra

“Dear Steve, -University of Alabama at Birmingham student, basketball player -majoring in Psychology with minor in Sociology -soon to pursue a Finance minor -very interested in counseling people about debt and money problems -eager to get people to change their mentally about spending more than they make I just recently realized what I wanted to …

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Jeff Met With a Crown Financial Ministries Counselor But Needs More Help

“Dear Steve, It’s a hard thing to admit but my debt is beyond my control. 2000 was the year of me loosing my job, the birth of a son and the beginning of the debt snowball. Over three years of job searching, accepting and leaving a number of positions (I accepted positions with companies I …

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