CuraDebt Client Debt Settlement Agreement Makes Interesting Statement

People send me a lot of marketing information or agreements from debt relief companies. I finally got around to reading one I had received regarding the CuraDebt invalidate or settle program. Way down on page 6 of 14 is this section which seems like good advice – keep your program short to avoid complications. CuraDebt … Read more

What Do You Think About Curadebt and Peak Legal Services?

Question: Dear Steve, Watching you site for quite a while. Recently I took out a pay day loan to help my son. Huge mistake. They are charging over 300 dollars every two weeks. We were making the payments and then got hit with a auto renewal we were not expecting. Bang! everything bounces and then … Read more

National Debt Relief and American Debt Enders Consumer Rating Not True

On February 14, 2013 put out a press release stating National Debt Relief and American Debt Enders made the list of companies selected for the TopConsumer website in the debt relief category. – Source Their press release uses the image showing the two companies received the top place and a five star rating. … Read more

CuraDebt – World Law Group – Consumer Complaint – 2-1-2012

Update April 30, 2015 CuraDebt reported an error with this post. “We suggest that this complaint is removed as it’s not meant for us. CuraDebt takes complaints very seriously and would love the opportunity to clear this issue. It’s important that you understand that CuraDebt was a referral company back in 2012. All we did … Read more

I Can’t Afford My Home Anymore. Was Thinking of Using Curadebt. – Brenna

“Dear Steve, I am a home owner in NJ. I am head of household and have had my house for 8 years. I took my whole family in and was doing just fine as my mother was helping with the mortgage as were my brother-in-law and sister. However, times have changed and I am no … Read more

AFCC -35, TASC – 41. Lost in Translation? Bermuda Triangle of Debt?

A reader sent in an interesting question. They wanted to know why if TASC (The Association of Settlement Companies) changed their name to AFCC (American Fair Credit Council) then why did TASC report having 41 members and AFCC only reports 35. – Source Good question. What’s interesting about the AFCC membership list is that it … Read more

Eleven Companies Settle With The State Under New Debt-Management And Credit Counseling Regulations

Colorado Attorney General John Suthers announced 3-12-2009 that enforcement actions taken under debt management laws that came into effect last year have resulted in settlements from 11 companies. “In this current economy, consumers need to be particularly careful about offers to eliminate debts and erase negative information from credit records,” Attorney General John Suthers said. … Read more