Strategic Financial Solutions and Ryan Sasson Stumble and Get Pounded

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The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) and seven state attorneys general sued Strategic Financial Solutions (SFS) and its web of shell companies for running an illegal debt-relief enterprise. The CFPB and state attorneys general also sued the chief architects of the illegal enterprise, Ryan Sasson and Jason Blust. The CFPB and attorneys general allege the …

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Is Strategic Financial Solution Legit or a Scam? Are They Too Good to Be True?

Question: Dear Steve, Lots of debt almost always on time but I am getting close to not being able to keep up with them. 36K 1200.00 a month payments on credit cards Is Strategic Financial Solutions legit or a scam company. BBB gave them an A-? They are not accredited though. I am confused, are …

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Should I Get My Credit Card Debt Restructured Through Finance Solutions?

Question: Dear Steve, I have a lot of unsecured debt, 100% utilization, and high debt to income ratio, thats it. So I cant get a debt consolidation loan but I can get a credit card restructure through Finance Solutions. Do you have any info on this company and the basic effects a restructure will have …

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Legal Helpers Apparently Getting into Credit Counseling and Tax Settlement

Yet another Legal Helpers Debt Resolutions business development manager has come forward. How many business development managers does the company have. This one is associated with a different URL so is each URL a different business unit? Confusing to say the least. The business development manager for Legal Helpers in this email is listed as …

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Johnson Law Group and Elimadebt Not Playing Nice With Each Other

The Johnson Law Group of Nevada, not to be confused with the Johnson Law Group of Florida, are apparently having a bit of a tiff with their debt settlement marketing agent, Elimadebt of Florida and New York. Actually that would be Elimadebt USA, LLC from Florida and Elimadebt, LLC from New York. From this point …

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