FTC Targets Charity Scams About Veterans, Cancer, Police, and Disabled

Boys look ready to rumble in this vintage photograph.

The Federal Trade Commission and the Attorneys Generals in New York, Minnesota, Virginia, and New Jersey have filed suit against Outreach Calling, Market Process Group, Outsource 3000, Production Consulting Corp, 7 Production Consulting, Thomas Berkenbush, William English, Mark Gelvan, and Damian Muziani. The suit filed states, “Since at least 2010, Defendants, led by Mark Gelvan, …

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Despicable “Charity” Talks People Out of Money That Was Supposed to Help Injured Hero Law Enforcement Officers

I’ve been dealing with financial misfortunate so long that you would think I would get used to scammers doing horrible things. This complaint filed by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) yesterday against a charity, disgusts me. The FTC states the Disabled Police and Sheriffs Foundation (DPSF), The American Police and Sheriffs Association, Police Officers Safety …

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