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My Mom Passed Away and I’m Paying Her Old Credit Card Bill


“Dear Steve, My mom recently passed away and she has a credit card in her name on which I was an authorized user. My Dad who is still living was not on the account and did not know she had the card. I have been paying the bill for the last few months as my Mom was ill before her ... Read More »

    My Father Died Recently. Is My Mother Responsible for His Credit Card Debt?

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    “Dear Steve, Dad recently passed away. He had one credit card in his name, with mom as an authorized user. Balance on the card is approx 10K. They live in WA state, which is generally a community property state, however they legally disolved the community property agreement and all assets were put in moms name months ago in case she ... Read More »

      My Mother Passed Away and It Was Devastating. She left a Couple of Homes. – Nancy

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      “Dear Steve, I desperately need advice. My mother passed away just over 2 years ago, which was devastating for myself and 3 siblings. She owned a house in america (Florida to be exact), which was in negative equity, none of us were financially able to manage this property and therefore have just left it, which I’m sure was the wrong ... Read More »

        My Husband Just Died and Now I Have an Unaffordable Mortgage and Bills. – Phyllis

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        “Dear Steve, Four years ago my husband had a stroke and was unable to work. we have gone thru all our money to stay in the house. my husband just died and now no soc sec check. tried loan mod and was turned down and said I did not send in what was ask for .I told amber that was ... Read More »

          My Husband Died Owing Medical Bills. Can They Take Our Tax Return? – Theresa

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          “Dear Steve, My husband passed away in July. He didn’t have an estate or life insurance. He has 2 outstanding medical bills. Will they be able to take any of our tax return. The bills have not gone to collections yet. Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Theresa” Dear Theresa, Creditors can only look to his estate for collection of his debts. If you have ... Read More »

            My Life Partner Died Suddenly and Left Me Sinking in Foreclosure. – Barb

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            “Dear Steve, My question is regarding avoiding foreclosure but the nature of my circumstance is rather unusual. Let me start by explaining that I just recently learned that my life partner of 20 years was over a year behind on our mortgage payments when, about 2 months ago I answered the door to a foreclosure notice from the bank. There ... Read More »

              My Mother Passed Away Owing a Judgment to Capital One. – Matthew

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              “Dear Steve, My mother passed away from cancer this year and she had a judgement against her for a credit card debt from capital one for like 8 grand. She did not have much money and a lot of medical bills and we do not want to spend all the estates money on a judgement from a stupid credit card ... Read More »

                My Father Passed Away Leaving Bills and No Will. What Now? – Lynn

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                “Dear Steve, Father recently passed leaving aroung 7000.00 in personal debt, no will , no assets ,no one in charge, only life insurance to cover services with me as survivor. Who becomes resonsible for these bills. All in his name only. I was however on his checking accout to pay his bills, He deposited Just enough each month to cover ... Read More »

                  My Husband Died Recently. How Should I File My Taxes? – Theresa

                  “Dear Jim, My husband dies 2 months ago. He didn’t have life insurance. His pension stop & I work so I won’t get SS. We didn’t have taxes taken out of his pension or SS. We paid it when we filed. We have 2 daughters 1 14 & the other 18 and started college. How should I file my taxes? ... Read More »

                    My Husband Died. How Can I Get Creditors to Stop Calling Me?

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                    Hi ! MY NAME IS LILLIE, In the state of Tex. old bills 4 yrs. or more should be desolved. and a lot of those bills was here when my husband was living. My husband took care of the bills, In 2001 he got colon cancer & he died in 09. how can I get the creditiors to stop calling ... Read More »

                      I Was Widowed a Few Weeks Ago and Left With Debt. – Jerry

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                      “Dear Steve, I was widowed just a few weeks ago and we were living on Social Security with no retirement income. Now I will only have my husband’s Social Security and not mine so will be trying to make it with less income. I have balances of $5200, $6200, and $7500 on three credit cards and know I will never ... Read More »

                        My Father Passed Away. My Mother Was Only an Authorized User. – JB

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                        “Dear Steve, Recent widow as authorized user and credit card debt. My father passed away a couple weeks ago and I have been trying to help my mom with her finances. As I’m sure you know, she lost a SS check so now she is trying to work through her budget. My father and she had two credit cards which ... Read More »

                          Drive-Thru Funeral Home Offers Convenience But No Beer or Fries With That

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                          If you live in Compton, California and you recently lost a loved one, this funeral home offers a unique approach for those that that want to have a viewing, “doesn’t she look good,” and make it very easy for people to attend. I have to admit, it is an unusual approach but what the heck. So for the ultimate option ... Read More »

                            Advocates Pushing Back on FTC Proposal Over Debt Collection from Dead People

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                            The Wall Street Journal is reporting some consumer advocates are a bit flummoxed over a recent proposal by the FTC regarding diminished legal liability for debt collectors that chase people to pay the debt of dead people. “The plain language of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act does not allow collectors to contact friends, neighbors or relatives except to obtain ... Read More »

                              Will I Be Responsible for the Mortgage When My Husband Dies? – Barbara

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                              My husband and I are in our late 50s and live in Florida. He gave up his home in a divorce settlement and then bought it back from his x-wife a few years later, before we married in 2009. The home remains in his name only, it is right side up, and he wants the home to revert back to ... Read More »

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