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My Father Has End-State Renal Disease. Should He File Bankruptcy? – Nicole

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“Dear Steve, My dad has had a great paying job for years but has recently gone through a health situation that has rendered him unable to work at this point. He has end stage renal disease and other problems affecting his heart. He has $61,000 in credit card debt. When he was first hospitalized I called every creditor hoping that ... Read More »

    We’ve Lost Three Parents and Had Eight Deaths in Three Years. – B4lee

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    “Dear Steve, Since 2007, we have had the time of “Job”. From 2007 to Present we have lost, most, just one month apart, 8 deaths, including 3 parents. In the process the stress caused medical and marital consequences to our family. Recession took hold and I became a displaced worker. Miraculously, my spouse, (out of the woods, yet not out ... Read More »

      Will My Family Have to Pay My Debts From My Life Insurance After My Death? – John

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      “Dear Steve, I have $152,000 in student loan principal, down from $163,000 after 6 years of payment. $77,000 are at a fixed rate of 2.625%. $6000 are at 5% fixed, and $69,000 are at a variable rate, which currently averages 2.5%. I also have $22,000 in credit card debt, which is at fixed rates of 4.99%, 3.99%, and 2.99%. The ... Read More »

        I’m Buried in Grief and Trying to Deal With My Debt. – Rebecca

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        “Dear Steve, At the moment, I’m overwhelmed to the point where I’m not sure what to do. Last year my [redacted]. I find myself in over my head with credit card debt. In the middle of such grief, you’d think debt would be the last thing on my mind, but it is only adding to the stress, plus I can’t ... Read More »

          Did My Dad’s Debt Die With Him? – Graeme

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          “Dear Steve, My father died but has outstanding credit card debt to the value of $33,000 in his sole name. He had some land but upon his death it was tranfered soley to my step mothers name. She doesn’t have any money to pay the credit card debts. Can the banks make my step mother sell the land to pay ... Read More »

            My Husband Has Aggressive Advanced Cancer and Our Debt is Killing Us. – Gina

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            Gina “Dear Steve, We have a lot of debt and serious medical issues that are generating medical bills we won’t be able to pay. We bought a new house 2 years ago and haven’t been able to sell the old house. It is rented for just enough to cover the first mortgage payment. We have a maxed out equity line ... Read More »

              My Sister and Mother Died and Now I Am Raising Additional Children. – Erika

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              Erika “Dear Steve, I did debt relief before when I got divorced and my husband left me with all the bills and disappeared for 4 years. Now my situation is my Sister passed away and my Mom in the same year and out of 10 of us in the family, me being the youngest with one child, no one wanted ... Read More »

                Am I Responsible to Pay for My Dead Husband’s Debts? – Linda

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                Linda “Dear Steve, My husband passed away and now Bank of America wants to know when I’m going to pay off his credit card. Am I responsible to pay off my husbands credit cards ? If so is it possible to have the payoff amount lowered ? Linda”   Dear Linda, Bank of America might want you to pay off ... Read More »

                  My Father Passed Away. Is My Mother Responsible For His Credit Card Debt? – Richard

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                  “Dear Steve, My father passed away with credit card debt. In the state of Texas is my mom responsible for the creit card debt. She ws not a co applicant on the card. She was only a autorized user.It is going to be hard for her to make since she was a stay at home wife.All she has is a ... Read More »

                    My Father-In-Law Died and Left My Mother-In-Law Deep in Debt. – Sherry

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                    “Dear Steve, My father in law passed away and my mother in law has been left with an enormous debt. we did not realize they were this much in debt and are trying to figure out the best option for her.she is 73 yrs old. just to make her payments each month she is 500.00 short. she has a mortgage ... Read More »

                      My Husband Died and I Was Laid Off. – Linda

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                      Linda “Dear Steve, I am 51 years old. My husband died 3 years ago. I was layed off from my job in Oct. 2008. I have over 40,000.00 in credit card debt and 50,000.00 on a home equity loan. The interest rates are killing me. I may have to file bancruptcy. How can I lower my interest rates so I ... Read More »

                        My Husband Passed Away And Now the Credit Card Company Wants the Full Amount. – Merle

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                        Merle “Dear Steve, I have a credit card that I’ve had for over 10 years. It was in mine and my husbands name. I have been paying by check signing my name all this time. My husband passed away almost 2 years ago. They found out and are now calling for the full amount of $6,000. I haven’t been late ... Read More »

                          We Are Sinking Fast And Using Credit Cards For Daily Purchases. – Valerie

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                          URGENT QUESTION! Valerie “Dear Steve, I cried all through writing the question. Situation is that we’ve always paid our credit card bills and always been on time and lately our credit score keeps getting worse and worse. Our mortgage/taxes/insurance costs $3000.00 per month so I don’t want to default on that. Yes, we have remortgaged too many times. Presently, I’m ... Read More »

                            Janet Is In Trouble. She Says “I’ll Be Out Of Money Soon. What Should I Do?”

                            “Dear Steve, I bought my first home, moving from Pennsylvania to Florida, the only place I knew all my life, following the death of my beloved mother. I was able to put a down payment on a house in a beautiful community in Florida, & live rather cheaply as compared to Pennsylvania. Unfortunately, the job market has not been kind ... Read More »

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