More Debt Settlement Companies Added to The Scott Law Group List

The Scott Law Group, who went after a number of debt relief companies over the past few years, has added some new names to their list of current companies they are involved with. They’ve added Consumer Legal Services America, Debt Aid Processing, and National Credit Assistance. – Source The full list of companies can be …

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Debt Pay Gateway Said They Could Reduce What I Owe. – Deborah

“Dear Steve, Just to many credit cards. Bad, bad mistake. I had a firm called Debt Pay Gateway Inc. Have you heard anything good or bad about them. They said they could reduce what I owe to probably 45%. They want to take so much money out of my checking each month. Thank you Deborah” …

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I Suspect Debt Aid Processing Didn’t Realize What They Posted

A reader brought the following page to my attention on the Debt Aid Processing website. They wanted to know if the FTC approved back end debt settlement companies. Huh? And sure enough, the page they directed me to on the Debt Aid Processing website does say “FTC approved back end company.” I’m going to have …

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