You Won Your Court Case But How Can You Collect?

Small claims court offers individuals and small businesses a straightforward way to collect on owed debts or other small instances that are financially affecting them. From bad checks to unpaid bills, there are a variety of situations that can escalate to small claims court. Presenting evidence allows you to prove your case. After taking someone … Read more

How Can I Defend Myself Against a Creditor Lawsuit?

“Dear Michael, I am being sued by a debit collector on my unpaid credit card balance. I disagree on the amount I owe because I believe the interest rate was 3.99% for the life of the loan. The interest charges, late fees, etc. comes to a lot more than I believe is right. I plan … Read more

How To Reduce Debt Buyer Collection Lawsuits

Last week the CFPB and the FTC held a workshop to address what happens to unpaid debts at different stages of the debt collection cycle. The workshop brought together state and federal regulators, economists, major banks, debt collection agencies, debt buyers, consumer advocate attorneys, technology companies, members of the judiciary, credit reporting agencies, and more. … Read more

People Finding Success in Fighting Back Against Credit Card Lawsuits

“All debt collection is under the microscope,” said Chris DeRitis, Ph.D., a consumer credit expert at Moody’s Analytics, a West Chester economic research and consulting firm. “A lot of this debt gets traded three, four or five times. It’s a messy business.” The issue has similarities to abuses in the foreclosure process that led to … Read more

I Live in North Carolina and Getting Sued for an Old Credit Card Debt. – Rosalind

“Dear Steve, I have a bill with a credit card company it is with a collection agency. I live in North Carolina. I was paying on it. The credit card company is suing me for $636.00. I don’t have a job right now, but I’m still looking for one. They even sit the sherriff with … Read more