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I Left My High School Sweetheart and Now My Credit is Trashed. – Christine

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I left my high school sweethart four years ago which put me in my own apartment. I had a great job at the time and got laid off about one year later.. I have about six credit cards which are all in collections after the past two years. I do work full time but i don’t make even half of ... Read More »

    Is The Creditor Treated Fairly When People Can’t Pay Their Bills? Are Consumers Stupid When It Comes to Their Debt?

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    The following material was sent to me to share with you by Kevin. I was a debt collector for a dozen years-and have worked in the debt settlement industry for the past 4-5 years. I come from a completely different perspective about “debt” than most people. First-I used to be a collector–having worked in the collection industry for about a ... Read More »

      Hooray, You Are in Collections! The Debt Collector is Calling. The Debt Collector is Calling.


      Fear is the worst enemy of the debtor. Fear allows us to accept false solutions and incorrect thoughts into our consciousness when we are dealing with debt. Fear is not reality. Overwhelmingly the pattern that emerges in people facing financial troubles is they eventually become afraid and paralyzed by their situation. They either leap at any solution or do nothing. ... Read More »

        Free FDCPA and Debt Collection Violation Help Now Available from

        I’m happy to announce that attorney Jermey Golden has recently joined the team of growing experts here at Jeremy is an expert in Fair Debt Collection Practices Act issues, debt collector abuse and debt collection violations. Jeremy Golden, Esq. is one of the resident debt experts here at that helps people for free. Jeremy is a consumer rights ... Read More »

          Citibank Debt Collectors Reportedly Killed Debtor for Complaining About Credit Card Balance

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          A consumer who owed Citibank in Indonesia is reported to have been murdered after complaining about his growing Citibank debt. This is the second recent criminal case filed which involves Citibank employees. The other involved embezzlement from a customer account by a Citibank employee. The Jakarta Post is reporting: “Citibank customer Irzen Octa, who was also the secretary-general for the ... Read More »

            The 10 Best Ways to Deal With the Debt Collector

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            So you’re in debt and the debt collector is calling. If you are reading this you are probably stressed out, worried, not sleeping well and most certainly freaked out. When dealing with the debt collector you’ve got two choices. You can either be scared or you can rob them of their power and deal with the situation in a open ... Read More »

              Debt Collector Agrees to Pay $2.8 Million to Settle With FTC

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              A leading debt collection company has agreed to pay a civil penalty of $2.8 million to settle Federal Trade Commission charges that its aggressive collection techniques violated federal law. As part of its efforts to protect consumers affected by the struggling economy, the FTC alleged that West Asset Management, Inc. violated the FTC Act and Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. ... Read More »

                Jesus as a Debt Collector

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                It does not matter what religion that you practice, seeking divine intervention is a common thread that binds us all. And that is good. Since debt does not discriminate among those of various religions we should not discriminate when we talk about a single unified higher power, in this case and for this discussion, God. There is no way that ... Read More »

                  When Debt Collectors Go Wild, It’s Not Sexy. Listen.

                  A tipster (send in your tips here) sent in an email with a link to a story about some Bank of America debt collectors that seem to have lost their m***** f****** minds. The debt collector on tape had been hired seven months after he left jail on a six year stretch. The video below includes testimony from the collector ... Read More »

                    How Do I Know if a Threatening Debt Collector Call is Legit? – Kim

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                    How do you know if a threatening call is legit? Today I received a phone cal from a person with a India accent stating that if we did did not return the call would would “have to face the consequences” but no company name was give and when I tryed to look up the number (661-532-8208) and was listed as ... Read More »

                      “The Collector’s Pledge” Marks a Positive Turn in the Debt Collection Industry

                      Martin Sher of AmSher Receivables Management in Birmingham, Alabama has recently made a huge step in the debt collection industry with “The Collector’s Pledge”. Sher, with over 30 years experience in the credit and collection industry was named as the president of ACA International (the Association of Credit and Collection Professionals) for 2010-2011. Sher co-owns AmSher Receivables with his brother, ... Read More »

                        Mickey Rourke Opens Up About His Job as a Mob Debt Collector

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                        Another episode of before they were stars. Read More »

                          In China, Credit Card Debt Enslaves. Anyone Surprised?

                          It isn’t a big shock to find out that the credit craze and panic is exploding around the world. The credit craze and panic works like this: Stage One: Craze – apply and get approved for credit and go crazy racking up the balance. Stage Two: Panic – after you’ve expended your credit resources you panic as you try to ... Read More »

                            The Debt Collection Industry From The Eyes of Former Debt Collectors

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                   released a fascinating showcase of the life behind closed doors of debt collectors. They took ten different collectors ranging in 2 – 20 years of service in the field of debt collecting and asked their insight and thoughts on the debt collection industry and process of today. The interviews were very nicely balanced between collectors that either enjoyed their ... Read More »

                              Caught In The Web : Debt Collectors Find Fleeting Debtors Via Social Networking Websites

                              I feel the personal need to thank a one, Vanessa Romo, a reporter at NPR for her most recent and compelling article “Elusive Debtors Foiled By Their Social Media Sites“. This article delved into a world I had never considered existed. No not Pandora, but a realm of debt collectors using social media and networking sits to collect debts owed. ... Read More »

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