Revitafi Loses Out On Purchasing Arete Financial Freedom Debt Settlement Clients

It appears that a company named Revitafi was temporarily in the running to purchase the settlement clients from Arete Financial Freedom. See the full Arete story here. The Receiver in the case disclosed “Based on Ariana’s information and Revitafi’s lack of candor, we have informed Revitafi we will not be moving forward on their offer.” …

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Debt Pay Gateway Said They Could Reduce What I Owe. – Deborah

“Dear Steve, Just to many credit cards. Bad, bad mistake. I had a firm called Debt Pay Gateway Inc. Have you heard anything good or bad about them. They said they could reduce what I owe to probably 45%. They want to take so much money out of my checking each month. Thank you Deborah” …

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Scott Law Group Updates Debt Settlement Companies They’ve Filed Against

The Scott Law Group is very active in suing debt settlement companies in the State of Washington. Their litigation page now lists 59 debt settlement companies or related entities in active litigation. – Source They have recently added the following companies to their active litigation page. Debt Pay Gateway, Inc. Debt Pay, Inc. Fidelity Debt …

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