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The Settlement Program is Charging Me More Than They Said. – Nanci

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I agreed to a settlement program and have already paid more than the 15% in fees, because they say the first payments were not fees, but were setup charges. It was more than $7000 so it can’t be set up fees. They have made payments to the credit card companies but only one of them shows a 0 balance and ... Read More »

    ABC 7 Runs Story on Big Crackdown on Debt Relief Companies

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    WXYZ just ran a story warning warning consumers to beware of debt settlement companies that charge fees. It was yet another public notification that things in the debt settlement world when it comes to fees are going to change on October 27, 2010. The more that message can get out there, the better. As more of this media coverage continues ... Read More »

      How Do or Can I Settle My Debts on My Own? – Shawna

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      Shawna “Dear Steve, I have 20,000 on 2 credit cards and a an interest free loan of 15,000 from my mom. I would like to be able to pay off both cards with the 15,000. Is there a way to request to see if the 2 companies would reduce the amount I owe them if I paid it off immediately ... Read More »

        Debt Settlement Legislation to Prohibit Up-Front or Monthly Fees and Cap Fees at 5%

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        Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan is backing legislation to ban debt-settlement companies from charging upfront or monthly fees and that caps payments to firms promising to reduce credit card debt. The legislation would cap fees at 5 percent of the savings resulting from settling a debt, rather than a percentage of debt enrolled. It also would allow cancellation of a ... Read More »

          I’m in a Debt Settlement Program and Getting Sued by My Creditors. – Cathy

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          Cathy “Dear Steve, We have been with a debt settlement company for about 4 months and one of the unsecured loan outfits is already trying to sue us for the 85% of the total amount plus attorney fees and late charges included for about $500.00 a month or will garnish or lean or property not worth what we owe. Is ... Read More »

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