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Should We Use Freedom Debt Relief or an Attorney to Help Us With Debt Settlement? – Debbie

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“Dear Steve, We are drowning in unsecured debt and cannot get our heads above water. We are trying to decide whether to go with a debt settlement company (we are leaning toward Freedom Debt Relief) or contact an attorney. Not sure if the fees would be comparable- or if the attorney would be able to help us in the same ... Read More »

    Jill Says, “I’m a Stay At Home Mom. We Are Starting To Sink.”

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    Jill wrote me through the site and asked for help. You can write me also and ask for help. “We are in a load of debt. My husband makes $90,000 a year, I am a stay at home mom. We own our home, but there is not much equity so we can’t refinance. We owe $50,000 in credit card ... Read More »

      Will I Go to Jail Because of My Debts? – Pam

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      “Dear Steve, I am currently going through a divorce. We have put out house on the market and hoping it sells. We have plenty of equity in the house and are planning on using this equity to pay off credit card debt of about 40,000. I was enrolled in a debt settlement company for the last year but the payments ... Read More »

        Should I Wait For Grandma to Die So I Can Pay My Debt? – Jack

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        “Dear Steve, I have credit card debt of $95000, 2nd mortgage of $40000, 1st mortgage of $140000. My house is worth perhaps $300000. I make $115000 annually plus bonus in good years of 15%. This wasn’t a good year, so there was none. My stock options are now under water (worth zero). I’m using my IRA to fund my daughter’s ... Read More »

          I’m Worried That Debt Settlement Will Hurt My Security Clearance

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          “Dear Steve, I’m in a situation right now where my credit issues are being questioned because of my security clearance. I first made arrangements with the vehicle collection agency to settle the amount of $5080.00. I have made the first payment and received paperwork asking about my credit situation from the Government. In feeling very pressured to do something about ... Read More »

            I’ve Had Problems Working With a Debt Settlement Company and I’m Looking for a Sample Debt Settlement Letter. – Kerry

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            Kerry “Dear Steve, We signed up with Allegro Law (a debt settlement co.) and as with most of these companies, they took our money and we got deeper in debt and now all of our accounts have been turned over to attorneys for collection. I did negotiate a settlement over the phone with the one firm so far that filed ... Read More »

              What is Your Position on Debt Settlement? – Rich


              “Dear Steve, I think what you have created is brilliant. Your Web site is a dynamic assortment of good and honest truths. You exert a lot of common sense and provide a copious amount of opinion-based responses. Most of which, I’m sure, is from your own battle with debt. I have a specific question that is merely frank: What is ... Read More »

                We Want to Pay Off Our Debt in Full With the Debt Collectors. – Brianna

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                Brianna “Dear Steve, My husband and I are in debt, but only about 4,600 dollars in. Technically, about another 8,000, but that account is my car loan and it’s current and because we have the money, we plan to keep it current. I’m not completely worried about paying it off ahead of time, I don’t mind having a good account ... Read More »

                  Federal Trade Commission Releases “Settling Your Debts” Publication

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                  The Federal Trade Commission today release a new publication to help consumers that might be considering debt settlement as a way to deal with their debt. Read More »

                    Can I Negotiate Debt Settlement or Debt Elimination With Credit Card Companies? – Jo

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                    Jo “Dear Steve, I have $12k of cc debt on 5 cards and I’m behind on 3 of the 5. I’m currently unemployed, picking up odd jobs, and just recently moved to another state while trying to make it but buried with cc debt. Can I negotiate debt settlement / elimination with cc companies or can you help me with ... Read More »

                      I Signed Up With Debt Settlement Company Debt Relief USA. They’ve Done Nothing. – Vicki

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                      Vicki “Dear Steve, I signed up with a company by the name of Debt Relief USA, July 7, 2008. Their address is 16200 Addison Rd, Ste 105, Addison, TX 75001. They have not done anything to help me with my debt as they promised. I have recently found several articles on the Internet about complaints from other clients and that ... Read More »

                        Deepu’s Wife is Unemployed And is Looking for a Debt Consolidation Loan

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                        Deepu “Dear Steve, I was referred to you by the ARAG group. My wife has $13000 in credit card debt. she is unemployed. We are in a rough spot but things should get better March 1st, 2009. Is there anything you can do to help consolidate our payments to lower them and help pay the cards off faster?and if so ... Read More »

                          I Am Working With Debt Settlement America But Now I’m Getting Sued By My Creditors. – Bee

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                          Bee “Dear Steve, I was divorced in 1999 after 21 yrs of marriage and 2 bankruptcys with my ex, Since then,I have bought and sold 3 houses and purchased 3 brand new vehicles and re-built my credit. I had my credit cards current but didn’t feel I was getting anywhere, even tho the payments were always made on time and ... Read More »

                            I Owned a Beautiful Day Spa But I Had to Close It. – Day Spa Debt

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                            Day Spa Debt “Dear Steve, I had my own business a beautiful day spa since 2004 but have had to close it down due to the economy in Feb 2009. I owe about $60K in business credit card debt to American Express ($12K); BofA ($24K); Capital One ($5K); Chase ($18K) and the IRS about $12K. I have tried to settle ... Read More »

                              I Haven’t Paid Two Credit Cards in a While. How Can I Get Them to Eliminate Fees They Charged? – Margaret

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                              Margaret “Dear Steve, I have 2 unsecured credit cards that i have not paid on in a while. I want to rebuild my credit to buy a house in the next year. However, so much fees have been added to the cards I’m not sure how to even start getting them paid off. I would love to put them together ... Read More »

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