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Should I Payoff Part of My Debt With My Mutual Fund. – JJ

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“Dear Steve, I owe $30,000 in credit card debt on two cards. One card there is 9.99% rate, the other is interest free until Dec. ’10 (after that the rate states 9.99% but is subject to change) I can make the minimum payments but not much else right now until my balances decrease. I have been using the snowball approach ... Read More »

    Our Debt Snowball Plan Has Us Out of Debt in Three Years. – Alayne

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    “Dear Steve, We make around 85k per year. I just picked up a part time job to make some extra money. We owe 33 thousand on credit cards. Making just the minimum payments of almost 900 per month is really straining our budget. At this point we are current on all card payments. We have also just started to try ... Read More »

      San Wants To Know “We Need Some Way To Pay Off Our Debts”

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      “Dear Steve, We need some way to figure out how to pay our debts off. We have credit card debt, car loan, a home equity loan that has a balloon next year, medical bills and owe a balance to my brother for his half of property we inherited jointly. We have two incomes and we should be able to live ... Read More »

        I Am Totally Helpless When it Comes to Understanding my Credit Report – Janet

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        “Dear Steve, I am totally helpless when it comes to understanding my credit report, and making a choice as to what to start paying back first. What do i need to do to get things straight? Janet”   Dear Janet, The good news is that dealing with your credit report and developing a repayment plan can be a relatively straight ... Read More »

          Anne Has $25,000 of Credit Card Debt And Making Just Minimum Payments But She Wants to Get Out of Debt

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          “Dear Steve, I am in credit card debt for $25k. I am making the minimum payments on each card, but it’s killing me. Should I focus on paying more on one card at a time and ignore the others? And then continue on the next card and so on? Or should I just continue to make the minimum payments even ... Read More »

            Which Debt Should I Pay Off First, Credit Card or Personal Loan? – Sean

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            Sean “Dear Steve, I’m a 20 year old college student around $2000 in debt, with two credit cards and one personal loan. What should I pay off first? The credit card with the highest balance or the one with the higher interest rate, or the loan. What effects my credit score the most? Sean”   Dear Sean, Personally, I like ... Read More »

              I Just Finished a Divorce and Want to Dissolve My Debt. – Janet

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              “Dear Steve, I am currently in debt, $40,000. I just finished a divorce, had to buy a home and furnish it for my children and myself. Now I want to disolve all of my credit card bills with one monehtly payment. Because I have too much revolving credit I keep getting rejected. I do not want to go to a ... Read More »

                We Are Making a Large Income but Can’t Get Out of Debt. – Tio

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                I apologize in advance for the short response. I am currently away on vacation with limited internet but wanted to give you an answer as soon as possible. Steve Tio “Dear Steve, My husband and I are working professionals with a large income…however, we have some short term loans that will be paid off soon, so money will be freed ... Read More »

                  Is There a Debt Management Program For Folks Who Are Not Currently Behind? – John

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                  “Dear Steve, Between medical bills, my son’s college tuition, and just plain being stupid, my credit card debt has just gotten out of control. I’m not having any problem making minimum payments right now, but I see that changing in the coming months. We bought a house last September and as soon as the mortgage began reporting, the credit card ... Read More »

                    I’m Not Sure Where to Begin to Get Out of Debt? – Sharon

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                    “Dear Steve, MY CREDIT REPORT DEBT = >40,000 DOLLARS I’M NOT SURE WHERE TO BEGIN TO PAY THIS DEBT OFF. I’M NOT SURE IF I’M READING MY CREDIT REPORT CORRECTLY. I’VE PAIDED OVER 1400.00 DOLLARS TO CREDIT SOLUTIONS BEFORE I REALLIZED I WAS WASTING MY MONEY. Sharon”   Dear Sharon, Identifying who you owe is a relatively easy matter. Here ... Read More »

                      Robert Wrote “I Do Not Know Where To Start Other Than I Am in Debt”

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                      “Dear Steve, I do not know where to start other that I’m in debt. I want to pay all of my credit card debt starting with my lowest and working my way to the last but I can not accomplish this while I’m paying everyone and can not make any headway. Can I just send something to the others and ... Read More »

                        A 12-Step Plan to Get Out of Debt Fast!

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                        Debt is a major problem for a lot of people these days. The problem is, even if they know they want to get out of it, they have a hard time figuring out how to start. If you fit this description, this 12-Step program spells it out for you. Now, there isn’t one way to get out of debt, and ... Read More »

                          Rita Asks “Should We Consolidate Our Debt?”

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                          Rita “Dear Steve, I want to pay my credit cards off. I will like to consolidate them. We are $39,000.00 in debt. HELP What should I do? Rita”   Dear Rita, Thank you for writing to me for help. Debt consolidation is often the first and only solution that comes to mind when people what to get out of debt. ... Read More »

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