Can You Go to Jail if You Don’t Pay a Bill?

Just out is a very interesting video from my friends over at Cambridge Credit Counseling about debtors’ prison and the current realities. Disturbing new reports indicate that debt collectors in Missouri, Illinois, Alabama and a few other states are using a legal loophole to justify jailing poor citizens who legitimately cannot pay their debts. It … Read more

Indiana Closes Debtors’ Prison in Vanderburgh County

In 2009 a local Indiana county court was doing some very bizarre things when it came to debtors. Apparently the local court was threatening debtors with contempt if they did not make payment arrangements to pay judgments against them, even if they were exempt from paying. It is reported that the Indiana judge had this … Read more

The Birth of a New Urban Myth – Jailed for Debt in the U.S.

Recently we covered stories of people being jailed for debt in the U.S. Amanda did an excellent job in putting all the facts together and you can read that story here. Well here is a recent video by a very misinformed person that makes all sorts of incorrect allegations about being jailed for debt in … Read more

I Am Pregnant and in Debt in the UAE But Will Not Be Able to Pay My Bills for Ten Months. – Leifam

Lefiam “Dear Steve, This is how the story goes,i have 2loans and 3credit cards with a local and international bank and my debts sums up to $13,000. I am currently working here in Dubai, UAE. And as we all know that UAE law with the debtors are so tight that they put everybody in jail … Read more