Debt Relief Companies and Individuals – Banned

The Federal Trade commission is reporting more actions against debt relief providers that allegedly misled consumers about their services. While this is about a debt settlement company, all consumers should walk away with the fact they have a responsibility to know who they are doing business with. Buying defective debt relief help is no more …

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FTC Goes After DebtPro123 for General Debt Relief Bullshit

Over the years DebtPro123 has come up from time-to-time, but not like this. Yesterday the Federal Trade Commission made a bold move in the debt relief space. It surprised me because I thought they’d moved on to other things. Just feels like since the TSR the debt space has been cooling off. But it probably …

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DebtPro123 – Consumer Complaint – 8-7-2012

Consumer Complaint Submission

Consumer Statement: deptpro123, LLC said they would resolve my credit card debts, said they were a member of the international association of professional debt artitrators. they took my payments that scanned over a year. now more than a year later, not all debts are resolved they had me negotiate my own debt, their excuse was …

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DebtPro123 Said They Could Settle My Private Student Loans and Hasn’t

“Dear Steve, I signed up with Debtpro123 in June 2010 to settle my student loans. I owe about $100,000 in private loans. The monthly payments were huge but they were supposed to settle my loans in the Phase 2. The end of April is my last payment but my loans have not been settled. They …

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