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I Was Trying Dave Ramsey But How Do I Get Out of Debt Without Hurting My Credit Score? – Susan

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Get out of debt w/o hurting credit score Consolidated 12,000.00 of credit card debt with revolving credit line a year and a half ago and still paying 401k loan I used to pay off my car. Then had to have root canals and crowns and up to another 3,000.00 of dental debt with a grand total of remaining debt @ ... Read More »

I’ve Lost My Father to His Debt. – Nicole

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I am a senior at [X] State University. I grew up with both of my parents my entire life with little to no financial difficulties. Over the past few years my father has hit rock bottom with depression over the loss of money that he has being going through. My dad is a Self-Employed Contractor and has been since he ... Read More »

My Debt is Overwhelming and I’ve Had Some Very Dark Thoughts Lately. – Lee

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“Dear Steve, I am a single male, 46, with no children or other dependents, living in the San Diego California area. I was laid off and have been unemployed since Jan 2010. I have a monthly mortgage of almost $3000 that has gone unpaid since May 2010. The mortgage total owed is $400,000. I have been on unemployment. I have ... Read More »

We’ve Lost Three Parents and Had Eight Deaths in Three Years. – B4lee

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“Dear Steve, Since 2007, we have had the time of “Job”. From 2007 to Present we have lost, most, just one month apart, 8 deaths, including 3 parents. In the process the stress caused medical and marital consequences to our family. Recession took hold and I became a displaced worker. Miraculously, my spouse, (out of the woods, yet not out ... Read More »

Back When I Was Good at Making God Behave I Was Making Good Money – Julie

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“Dear Steve, Back when I was good at making God behave I was a pharmaceutical salesperson making over $90,000 a year. I had no credit card debt and purchased a home that I could easily afford. I also had $150,000 in my 401k and was and was starting to put money in a Roth IRA. I got married and had ... Read More »

I Have Some Debt Issues That Are Scaring Me. – Ryan

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“Dear Steve, My name is Ryan, I am 24 years old. I have some debt issues that are scaring me and I am hoping you can point me in the right direction because, honestly, I don’t know where else to go. In 2008 I was eager to get back into school and finish up my degree in Mathematics to finally ... Read More »

I’m Depressed, Anxious, and in Debt. – Victoria

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“Dear Steve, Currently I’m not making enough to cover my bills. I am an independent self-contractor (not by choice – just happened) & my pay varies per customer service email I answer within One Week (1 random email is chosen each week to grade and it’s either 90 cents or 62 cents) Luckily I have a partial brain and I ... Read More »

I Am Unemployed and Can’t Pay My Charge Card Bills. – Fran

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“Dear Steve, I was laid off a year ago and apply to jobs/agencies daily to no avail. I am using up what little money I got from a slip and fall lawsuit that I had to accept a horrible offer on which is my small savings acct. and I am really scared – once it’s gone, I can’t afford my ... Read More »

I’m Drowning Under the Pressure of Keeping Us Afloat When He Can’t Participate. – Deborah

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“Dear Steve, I’ve been with my husband for over 18 years. The first five years or so we were always able to work together on our finances, and be supportive of our situation as a team. We both worked equally, and contributed equally for the most part. Around 2000 we decided to take a chance and upgrade to a bigger ... Read More »

How to Get Out of Debt. The Honest and Unvarnished Truth.


As a student of the history of debt, having lived through debt problems myself, and having founded and run a credit counseling organization I have a very unique view from inside and outside the debt world. If there were mistakes and beliefs to be had, I’ve had them. If there perceptions about debt, they’ve floated through my mind, If there ... Read More »

I Have Mental Health Issues. How Can I Reduce My Debt? – Mel

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Mel “Dear Steve, I have a charged-off bank account, a charged-off cell phone bill, a charged-off credit card, and have not paid anything on another credit card for almost 6 months. The bank account received several overdraft charges that were a result of a cab company charging me $70 instead of $10, but I didn’t keep track of the receipt. ... Read More »

Money and Stress: How to Keep Your Money Worries From Killing You

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A recent study at Ohio State University found that people with financial problems, in particular credit card debt, suffered from more emotional problems than those who didn’t have money-related stress. When you stop and think about it, it really is not surprising that cash, or the lack of it, so greatly affects our emotions. Money problems are not simply a ... Read More »

Thu Wrote Me And Said “I’m Really Struggling, My Husband is Disabled, How Can I Get Out Of Debt?”

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“Dear Steve, I’m married, my husband is disabled. I have 3 growing children and a 6 year old disabled child. My payroll checks go straight to bills. I use the credit card for foods and miscellaneous household items. I’m really struggling. I go to work in deep depression and stressful almost everyday. How do I get out of my debt? ... Read More »

Louis Says “I Feel Like Killing Myself Because of My Debts”

Suicide Isn't Painless

Louis “Dear Steve, I feel like I’m drowning and I even have suicidal thoughts. I barely make my mortgage payments (minimum interest only). Late on my line of credit payments – threatiing foreclosure. 50+ thousand in student loans. I would like to sell my condo but the market is so low no one is buying and I would not get ... Read More »

Should I Just Stop Paying My Bills? – Janet

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“Dear Steve, I am 66 married hubby is 55 & on disability – I have been fighting depression all my life – I work part time but hours are being cut – company may go under – no jobs out there for the elderly – we are 105000.00 in debt of cc & loan- can’t pay them anymore – tried ... Read More »

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