I’m Struggling on Disability Income. Is American Consumer Credit Counseling Reputable?

Question: Dear Steve, I’m living on permanent disability and dealing with credit card minimum payments that are eating most of my monthly income. I have been told that ACCC American Consumer Credit Counseling (the nonprofit organization) is great at reducing interest rates and monthly payments by 50%. Is this true? Are they reputable? What could … Read more

I’m Disabled and Losing Everything. I Need Help.

Question: Dear Steve, I’m on disability and losing everything I have. So any little thing I’m grateful for. Can you help me? Jimmy Answer: Dear Jimmy, I sat here looking at your question, frustrated by so little information to go by. Typically I’d skip past a question like this, but the longer I sat here … Read more

My Son’s SSDI is Being Garnished Twice for Child Support


Question: Dear Steve, My son receives Social Security for Disability when Social Security was awarded, $600 was assigned to his daughters. A few months ago the office of Child Support in Florida, garnished her Social Security Benefits for $700 more. They said that if he does not provide evidence of the $600 previously assigned to … Read more

My Total & Permanent Disability Request Was Denied and My SSDI Got Garnished

Question: Dear Steve, The Department of Education denied my TPD (Total & Permanent Disability) form when Navient was still Sallie Mae back in 2010. Since then, I’ve had my SSDI offset after I started receiving collection notices through a 3rd party company contracted by the Department of Education. Fast Forward to 2016, and I was … Read more

How Should a Representative Payee Deal With an Economic Impact Payment?

Question: Dear Steve, I need to ask for some advice. When the Economic Impact Payment was approved it included those who receive SSI, SSDI, and Veteran benefits. When the IRS was sending out the $1,200 and $2,000 I think for family’s they deposited in bank accounts that was used to file taxes, bank accounts if … Read more

If I’m on Disability Can My Credit Card Company Sue Me and Win?

Question: Dear Steve, I have been on permanent disability since 2015. Can a credit card agency sue me for the money and win? Constance Answer: Dear Constance, You could get sued and lose the case. Most people do because they never appear in court to put up a defense. But even then the bigger issue … Read more

Disabled, Chronically Ill, and Poor But Court Says No Way to Fresh Start After Oppressive Student Loans

Vera Thomas is more than 60 years old and suffers from diabetic neuropathy, “a degenerative condition that causes pain in her lower extremities.” Unemployed and suffering from a chronic illness, she filed for bankruptcy in 2017 in the hope that she could discharge her student loans in bankruptcy. At the time of her bankruptcy proceedings, … Read more

I Had My Federal Student Loans Eliminated Because of My Disability But What About My Private Student Loans?

Question: Dear Steve, Received full disability discharge for gov’t loans. And as bad health goes, later filed bankruptcy. My Atty made sure the private student loan (psl) people were notified directly. They did not respond. Shortly after I started receiving collections for (psl). I wrote them a response regarding the alleged debt, in that, my … Read more

Will My Credit Card Companies Write Off My Debt Because I’m . On SSDI?

Question: Dear Steve, I have been disabled for 10 years now collecting only SSDI. I am over my head with credit card and student loan debt. My medical expenses and rent have gone up significantly in the past 2 years. My federal student loan is on an income-based repayment of $0/month. My private student loan … Read more

MY CPP Disability is Not Enough to Live On

Question: Dear Steve, I have recently become unable to work due to arthritis in all my joints (very painful) However I just started collecting CPP disability. But it is not enough to pay all my everyday living expenses. Now I am starting to get in debt. Borrowing money from people…my Cpp is $453.61.I also get … Read more

Department of Education Wants to Reconnect to Data From Social Security Administration

A notice out today says the Department of Education seeks the “re-establishment of the matching program between the U.S. Department of Education (Department) and the Social Security Administration (SSA). The purpose of the matching program is to assist the Department in facilitating borrowers who owe a balance on one or more student loans under title … Read more

I’m Disabled and Being Sued About Past Due Credit Card Debt

Question: Dear Steve, I am being sued over a $2600 debt with CC company. I am fully disabled. My income comes from two sources, SSDI and private disability insurance. I know that SSDI is not garnishable, however, it’s unclear whether my private disability insurance is garnishable. Wisconsin statues regarding this matter at best are extremely … Read more

15 Seconds of Positive News About Student Loans and Congress

In a rare moment of bipartisanship at the end of 2017, a bill was introduced and signed into law that finally deals with the issue of tax liability for forgiven student federal and private student loan debt from the death of the student or disability. Rob Portman (R-OH) introduced the legislation with Senators Chris Coons … Read more