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I Live on Disability But Want to Settle $37K in Debt. – Angie

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“Dear Steve, I am going thru a seperation. My only income is a ss. disability check in the amount of 788 per month. I have 37000.00 in unsecured debt. Can you help me? Can you help me find someone to settle my debts? Thank you. Angie” Dear Angie, I say this with the utmost of compassion and sincerity, what the ... Read More »

    My Disabled Husband Wants to Take Money Out of Retirement to Pay Credit Cards. – Stacy

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    “Dear Steve, My husband is 53-1/2 years old and recently put on permanent disability because of numerous complications from diabetes. He also will be receiving a small pension from his former employer. We understand that he will not be penalized (10%) for touching his 401K since he is disabled, but will be taxed on whatever he draws. He has an ... Read More »

      My Partner Just Filed for Bankruptcy to Discharge His Debt. – Norman

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      “Dear Steve, I read most of the questions posed to you by others and most apply to me. I have a 38K unsecured debt plus personal loans (one of which is my sister’s credit card10k). My partner just filed for bankruptcy to discharge his debt but keep our mortgages (to keep the home) and car (its in both our names). ... Read More »

        We Have Over $35,000 in Medical Bills and Can’t Afford Them. – Bill

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        “Dear Steve, We have over $35,000 in medical bills and our income will not let us get ahead on the bills. I am disabled due to an injury. I am on disability and my wife works. Over two thirds of the bills are on our credit cards as we had no other way at the time to get the service. ... Read More »

          I Will Be Dead Before I Pay Off My Debt. – Shirley

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          “Dear Steve, I am on Social Security Disability I get that, help from the state and 381.00 from a retirement persi acccount. I am 130% below poverty level. I own a nice car, and a mobile home, I have no money in accounts or savings but I do own my moblie home and car? Can they take my car or ... Read More »

            My Son Has Asperger’s and Student Loans. – Michele

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            “Dear Steve, My son graduated College in 1998 with a BS is Computer Science. His father and I paid of $40.000 in parent loans leaving our son with a $20,000 loan. He has tried for years to get a job, but unfortunalty we discovered he has Aspergus. After going the disabilty qualifications he now receives disability payments per month. Unfortunatly ... Read More »

              Coping Financially With a Short-Term Disability

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              George is a truck driver. He experienced a seizure and went to see his doctor. Although the doctor said he is all right, state law prohibits him from driving for six months. Susan expected to go back to work six weeks after the birth of her baby, but she experienced severe depression and was unable to return to work for ... Read More »

                Thu Wrote Me And Said “I’m Really Struggling, My Husband is Disabled, How Can I Get Out Of Debt?”

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                “Dear Steve, I’m married, my husband is disabled. I have 3 growing children and a 6 year old disabled child. My payroll checks go straight to bills. I use the credit card for foods and miscellaneous household items. I’m really struggling. I go to work in deep depression and stressful almost everyday. How do I get out of my debt? ... Read More »

                  My Wife is Getting Sued for Debt From Her Previous Marriage. – Matthew

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                  “Dear Steve, When my wife divorced her last husband they had a large amount of debt. The house they lived in went to short-sale so the income that was supposed to pay off her debt didnt come in. She was making good payments up until the time she lost her job. She then went on disability and has been unable ... Read More »

                    I Left an Abusive Boyfriend 9 Months Ago and I’m Trying to Start Over. – Jen

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                    Jen “Dear Steve, I’m on disability. I left an abusive boyfriend 9 months ago and I’m trying to start over again. I already have student loans I can’t pay back. Which I will have to deal with as I can. I ended up leaving school due to illness. I’m worried mostly about the credit cards I got in my name ... Read More »

                      How Can We Pay Off Our Debt and Put Kids Through College and Save for Retirement? – Bill

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                      “Dear Steve, I have just turned 50 and my wife will be 49 in two months. We currently have roughly $177,000 in unsecured debt, mortgage for $183.000 on our home, a Home Equity Line of Credit for $50,000 and a loan of $64,000 against some acreage. We also have two car payments that total $575 per month but these loans ... Read More »

                        My Life Has Been a Roller Coaster and I’m Trying to Get it Together Now. – Christi

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                        “Dear Steve, I am permanently disabled with bipolar, adhd, severe pptsd, and am trying to get my life together. I have spent most of my life in and out of the foster care system and juvenile hall. I have pretty much lost everything I have ever loved…from my best friend who was murdered by a mutual acquaintance to the loss ... Read More »

                          I’ve Been on the Care One Debt Management Program For Two Years. I’m on Disability. – Laurel

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                          Laurel “Dear Steve, I’ve been enrolled in Care One debt management program for over two years for 4 credit cards which all are over $1400.00 I am on Permanant disability and live in New York. I am getting to the point where I don’t know how long I can stick out this situation as its a toss up between food, ... Read More »

                            I Am Mentally and Physically Disabled and Can’t Pay My Student Loans or Bills. – Callie

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                            “Dear Steve, I am currently disabled due to both mental and physical ailments. These problems have been exacerbated by chronic unemployment (and therefore poor medical treatment) over the past six years. Now, I couldn’t even work if anyone did offer me a job. I receive state assistance because I am medically unable to work. I get $339 a month. I ... Read More »

                              I Was Medically Retired from the U.S. Navy and Can’t Pay My Bills. – Floyd

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                              “Dear Steve, I was medically retired from the U. S. Navy in November of 2007 after a crippling back injury at the age of 34 (I am 36 now). After living in Virginia Beach for 6 months, and tapping my savings account every month to make ends meet, I opted to just move overseas where I can actually afford to ... Read More »

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