I Am a Disabled Veteran and Drowning in Debt. We Are Considering a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. – Clint

“Dear Lewis, Well, was active duty military for 10 years got hurt and the military pushed me out, I am now a 70% dis vet, working for the FED as a GS pay grade. I just moved from Hawaii back to Wisconsin, now in Hawaii I was making a ton more money than I am …

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I Am a Disabled Vet That Needs Help With Debt Forgiveness and Debt Settlement – Paul

“Dear Michael, I borrowed $6103 and defaulted on the loan. With interest and penalties the total came up over $20000. I have paid back $9500 with icome taxes and garnishments. They say i still owe them $14501. I wanted to settle and the said they would settle for a lump sum of $9000 or $120 …

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Disabled Military Vet Wonders What to Do About Letting His Home Go.

“Dear Steve, I am an disabled American War Veteran, Husband and father of three. I own a home in New Jersey and my employer (Federal Government) decided to move me to North Carolina. I have since rented a home here, but we decided to buy here also. The mortgage on the second home is about …

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