Majority Tell Me Eligible Disabled Military Veterans Should Automatically Have Their Federal Student Loans Forgiven Tax-Free

I was surprised to learn recently the Department of Education is aware of the more than 40,000 disabled military veterans who are legally and severely disabled but there is no process to automatically forgive their student loans even though they are eligible. And let’s not forget, disabled veterans with private student loans are not eligible …

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Disabled Wounded Veteran Gets Loans Forgiven and a $62,000 IRS Bill. Thank You For Your Service.

At age 40, Will Milzarski, an attorney, took leave from his state government job to return to the U.S. Army. After completing officer training, he served two tours of duty in Afghanistan. where he led more than 200 combat missions. On his last day in combat, Milzarski was wounded in the face, which left him …

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