I Took an iPhone From a Shop in the UK But Didn’t Pay and Now I Need to Go Back to the UK

Question: Jon, I took an iPhone from a shop on monthly installment and then went abroad on vacation and never came back to UK. Now I need a police clearance certificate from UK. Will this offense be appeared in police clearance certificate? Syedasdar Answer: Syedasdar, A police clearance here in the UK is now called …

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If I Leave the UK and Owe a Debt Will I be Able to Get Back In?

Question: Dear Jon, I would like to have your valuable response in regard to my unpaid over draft in the UK. I lived in the UK for three years and for one or another reason, I had to leave the country even before my visa ends(2013). Therefore, I failed to pay my bank draft which …

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Do I Need to Worry About a Police Clearance Certificate to Get Back Into the UK? – Shiveen

“Dear Jon, Currently i live outside Scotland and UK..and may come back to Scotland after 3-4 years. I defaulted few bills like credit card and bank overdraft and few online shopping websites where i had purchased some electronics. Now I wish to apply a police clearance certificate. Will it be a problem in obtaining it? …

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