What Can I Do to Get Discover Student Loans to Work With Us to Lower Payment?

Question: Dear Steve, I co-signed for my daughter for her four years in college. Four private loans with Discover and four with government loans. She graduated in 2015 and since then she hasn’t had luck getting good steady work. Used all her forbearance. Then she lands a job and was paying good and extra on … Read more

My Private Student Loan Company Won’t Let Me Pay What I Can Afford. – Mitch

“Dear Steve, I’m a first generation college student, and attended Hartwick College for 1.5 years until transferring and finishing college at SUNY Oneonta. I owe near 80k from my college years. I had two private student loans that were held thru CitiBank for a total of near 20k. Citibank worked with me on deferment, income … Read more