How Do I Get a Child Support Collection Removed From My Credit Report

“Dear Steve, I have a child support collection on my trans Union report dating back to 2001 (date opened) and showing date closed as Nov 2007. As it’s more than 7 years old can’t that be deleted? Also, the state recently added the same collection to my Equifax with the same dates. Can’t that be … Read more

What Do I Need to Do to Get an Old Delinquent Item Off My Credit Report? – Shelley

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What Can I Do to Get Capital One Off My Credit Report? – Sam

“Dear Steve, I opened a capital one visa in 2002. I fell behind in payments and the next thing I knew the balance due was 700.00. It has been ten years ago and they are still showing the account as a charge off. They report it monthly . The balance is no longer 700 its … Read more

How Can I Get My Payday Loan Off Her Credit Report? – Manuel

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