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My Husband Had an Affair, Left My Daughter and Me and Filed for Bankruptcy. – Laura

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“Dear Steve, My 22 year marriage to my husband ended in him having an affair. He left my daughter and I for this so called “younger” woman, married her 4 months after the divorce was final. He and she ran up an enormous amount of debt, and blamed our divorce and my award for his financial debt. He and she ... Read More »

My Wife is Divorcing Me. – Mark

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“Dear Steve, Wife of 25 years is divorcing me (We’ve been together since high school – the only love in my life). Home primary mortgage $225,930 Secondary $63,790 both with GMAC. Value of home est. is $190,000. Offerred to settle secondary for $12,500 and refi the primary at a lower interest rate (currently 5 3/8 30 yr fixed). GMAC refused ... Read More »

My Father Wanted a Divorce and Filed Bankruptcy. Mom is Now Stuck With the Full Mortgage. – Siu

“Dear Andy, I need help, asap. Okay, my parents had the current house for 15 years, and refinanced it and got a 2nd mortgage on it and all that. 2 years ago, my father wanted a divorce. He filed for bankruptcy to discharge debt, however, my mother (listening to her friends) refused to sign on to the bankruptcy and so ... Read More »

My Ex-Wife Was Supposed to Pay Her 100K in Student Loans. I Can’t Find Her. – Patrick

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Got married in college…wife and I consolidated student loans through the Devil (Sallie Mae). We got divorced…my name is the primary on the consolidation account. I am buried in excess of $100,000 in student loan debt that my ex-wife and I borrowed in college. When we got divorced she was required to pay her portion in accordance with the divorce ... Read More »

I’m Living Paycheck to Paycheck After a Divorce and Can’t Make a Dent in My Student Loans or Credit Card Debt. – Tonya

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I have just over $20,000 in student loans, $8000 car loan, $700 credit card, I’m working on paying off a charged off credit card of about $3500, and I have a hospital bill of around $1400. I currently make $23712/yr. I’m making minimum or Income Based payments on All of them and now my IBR for my student loan has ... Read More »

I Got Divorced and My Debt Spiraled Out of Control. Should I Go With Fast Track Debt Relief? – Timothy

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I got divorced and my finances spiraled out of control. I’m trying to put my life back together but it’s hard to catch up while paying my current bills along with child support and student loans. I have a lot of debt. Mostly the debt is credit cards and legal fee’s which are already in collections. My credit score fell ... Read More »

I’m a Teacher in Debt And Not Sure What to Do Next. – Colleen

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“Dear Steve, After long and expensive divorce got a predatory mtg. Taxes are 12k month. Teacher not paid in summer and ran up credit cards due to high expenses over the years. Just stared making decent money but now have unsecured debt of approx 170k. Mtg of 406k. And can’t make ends meet even on a decent salary. Haven’t paid ... Read More »

With Debt, Do Us Part?

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In searching for material for my next video project, I stumbled across a video that literally, made me do a triple take. A YouTube user preaching to viewers ways to save and budget money. Some of his advice had merit but there was one part that made me question out loud: “Did he REALLY just say that?” Rewind. Really??? Rewind. ... Read More »

I Married a Sadistic Sociopath and Now Left With Nothing. – Broken

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“Dear Steve, Married 22 years, only to find out from family therapist and court therapist…lets see, first said I married a sadistic sociopath and was divorcing the devil and second said he was the most narccistic a**hole she ever met and he thought the world owed him something. What I thought was some kind of mid life crisis/maybe biopolar, was ... Read More »

I’ve Just Been Sued. How Do I Get Out of My Debt Settlement Program? – Heidi

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Beginning to go through a divorce and I have a two year old son. We share custody of him. Last year my job was cut from full-time to part-time. Down to three days a week. I have be working odd jobs and retail to supplement. With money scarce I entered into a debt settlement program. I have been in it ... Read More »

My Ex-Wife is Not Paying My Debt She Promised to Pay in Our Divorce Decree. – William

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William “Dear Steve, I was divorced in 2003 and my ex wife was responsible for an existing credit card that is solely in my name. In our divorce decree, it was stated that she was responsible for this debt. Over the years, she has been delinquent on occasion and most recently she is delinquent again. She earns a substantial income ... Read More »

I’m in the Process of a Divorce. He is Supposed to Pay My Credit Card Bill. – Becca

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Becca “Dear Steve, My husband and I are in the process of a divorce. I have a credit card in my name only that has a a large amount of debt on it. In our divorce settlement he is accepting 80% of this debt responsibility (he knows it is his fault it is on there). What is the best way ... Read More »

I’m Divorced and Confused By a Demand That I Pay on an Old Mortgage. – Stephanie

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Stephanie “Dear Steve, My husband and I divorced over 10 years ago, when I sold our house it wasn’t enough to pay off the second mortgage, and since they had messed up in the paperwork they signed off and the sale of the house and we assumed the loan. I never signed a new contract or anything. My ex husband ... Read More »

My Debt Problems Keep Me Awake at Night. – Michael

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Michael “Dear Steve, I was divorced in 2007. Part of our settlement was that I take all the marital credit card debt. This totals about $20,000. I agreed to this because my retierment was untouched. Shortly afterwards I was transfered to another part of the country and my salary reduced 20%. I have a mortgage that is current and my ... Read More »

What In The World Did Nelda See in John?

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After watching this video I’m left thinking, “What did they see in each other?” John’s arguments about why he didn’t pay the debt are so weak. Get Out of Debt Guy – Twitter, G+, Facebook Need More Help? Read More »

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