CFPB Takes Action Against Debt-Settlement Company for Charging Consumers Unlawful Fees

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) requested today that a federal district court enter a final judgment and order that, if entered by the court, would require DMB Financial, LLC to pay consumers at least $5.4 million for charging unlawful fees and failing to provide required disclosures to its customers, and a civil penalty. The … Read more

You Didn’t Need to be Psychic to See That Coming – DMB Financial

Not long ago I wrote about a debt relief company, DMB Financial that sued the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) in what looked like an effort to get out from under an investigation. See this post. Well, a few minutes ago, I was notified the CFPB went ahead and sued them. The CFPB said, “Today, … Read more

DMB Financial Sues CFPB to Stop Investigating Them

DMB Financial filed suit yesterday agains the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB). DMB Financial says, “In 2016, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts initiated an investigation against DMB that was designed to seek retribution for DMB’s Chief Operating Officer exercising his right to appear in front of the State Legislature to oppose legislation the Commonwealth’s Attorney General … Read more

DMB Financial, LLC – CFPB Complaint

Consumer Complaint Submission

Date Received: 2018-06-22T00:00:00 Product: Debt settlement Issue: Problem with customer service Consumer Consent Provided to Share Complaint: Consent provided Consumer Complaint: I am a XXXX year old XXXX veteran, and entered into an agreement with DMB financial in XX/XX/XXXX to settle my credit card debt. I ended the relationship with DMB in XX/XX/XXXX due to … Read more

Is DMB Financial a Legitimate Business I Should Go With?

Question: Dear Steve, I’m interested to find out what answer person received about doing business with DMB Financial debt consolidation. Is it a legit business? Did she get the help ? I’m in the same situation, have 30 days to still change my mind. Please help! Distressing here 🙁 Did person go for it? did … Read more

Recent Job Postings for Debt Relief Experience

Here are some current job posting in the debt settlement industry that I found. Student Zoom Debt Settlement Sales Representative Student Zoom, LLC – San Diego, CA $1,600 a month Hello, We’re looking for a highly motivated salesperson with experience selling Debt Settlement preferably through Freedom Debt Relief or DMB. Our ideal candidate is someone … Read more

CRL Comes Out With Debt Settlement Warning. Is it Fair?

The Center for Responsible Lending just released a paper on debt settlement. Take a look at the information they published and add your comment below if you think their research is on the mark or way off base. It appears CRL relied upon data published by the American Fair Credit Council in making their determinations … Read more

AFCC -35, TASC – 41. Lost in Translation? Bermuda Triangle of Debt?

A reader sent in an interesting question. They wanted to know why if TASC (The Association of Settlement Companies) changed their name to AFCC (American Fair Credit Council) then why did TASC report having 41 members and AFCC only reports 35. – Source Good question. What’s interesting about the AFCC membership list is that it … Read more

Report From the TASC Conference. Attendee Sends in Their Notes,

Just in, an attendee at the TASC conference just held in Las Vegas has sent in their notes of what they felt was the highlights for readers. TASC – THURSDAY BOB LINDERMAN: GENERAL COUNSEL OF FREEDOM DEBT RELIEF GOALS AND OBJECTIVES: “THIS IS A CONSUMER CENTRIC, REGULATOR SENSITIVE, BUSINESS FRIENDLY ORG THATS GOING TO MAKE … Read more

Bogus U.S. Debt Reduction Initiative Form T-09-A Still Being Sent Out

In June, 2010 the BBB released a copy of a bogus mailer that was being sent to consumers. I published a copy of that mailer here. It appears despite warnings that the mailer was deceptive, it is still going out. Here is an image of the envelope and mailer that I received from a tipster … Read more