The Difference Between Living and Dreaming is Doing

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I awoke thinking about the line “The Difference Between Dreaming and Living is Doing.” It occurred to me how real that statement is. So many people dream great dreams and have fabulous ideas but never take action. Others live full lives without much looking back or regret. The only difference is just doing it. The …

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Drive-Thru Restaurants with Dog-Friendly Menus

Just because I love dogs and we all need to take our furry friends on an outing from time-to-time. Here is a great piece from TripsWithPets.com. Running out to grab a bite or a latte but don’t want to leave your sweet pooch behind? With an increasing number of restaurant drive-thrus serving up dog-friendly menu …

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Pet Care Can Be “Ruff” On The Wallet If You Let It

If you’re like me, you love your dog. Or you’re cat/bird/turtle/hamster/lizard or small woodland creature. While animals provide us with unconditional love and the everlasting feeling of “I Need You!” they sure can be expensive. I put more thought into what my dog eats than what I eat. Seriously. You can find me sitting on …

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