Here’s Where the 2020 Presidential Candidates Stand on Student Loans

Americans owing more student loans than ever before, college affordability and student loan debt reform have become hot-button topics among the 2020 presidential candidates. And the issue is definitely an urgent one: J.P. Morgan estimates four years at a private college could cost roughly half a million dollars in 2036 if costs continue rising at their current pace, … Read more

More on Trump Prospects of Rolling Back Student Loan Repayment Programs

The Washington Post is reporting: “Republicans have pilloried Obama’s expansion of income-driven repayment programs as fiscally irresponsible, yet the party’s leader promised to lower the repayment period, which would probably cost hundreds of billions of dollars. Even the latest income-driven plan, known as Revised Pay as You Earn (REPAYE), only forgives debt after 20 years … Read more

What You Need to Know About the Trump Student Loan Forgiveness Program

Now that Donald Trump has been elected President it’s time to start planning for the new Trump Student Loan Forgiveness Program. Early indications are the stock market thinks income and profit are going to improve for student loan companies like Navient. Keep in mind the markets are driven by the chance or opportunity of profitability … Read more

Is Your Business Credit Score Better than Trump and Clinton’s?

By Gerri Detweiler and Lydia Roth, Nav Here’s a wild fact about business credit that you may not know: Suppliers, vendors, and even business partners can look up your business’s credit score, anytime they want, without notifying you and without your permission. So, we did it with Donald Trump’s holding company, The Trump Organization, Inc., … Read more

Donald Trump Allegedly Groped Woman and Then Gave Her Debt Settlement Advice

Presidential candidate Donald Trump has been in an increasing cesspool of sexual assault allegations following his own words and his denial at the last presidential debate that he had assaulted women. While watching the video statement of Summer Zervos who was a cast member on the Apprentice I was very surprised to hear at the … Read more

Trump University Sure Quacks Like a Scam

Over the years I’ve written so many articles about consumers being induced, duped, tricked, or taken by one scheme or another. Putting aside the Donald Trump, the Trump University case is so seemingly close to many of those other things that caught consumers and left them poorer. Propublica just posted the following article which does … Read more

College Students Sell Happiness Instead of Blood To Pay Back Student Loans

A recent article in the Penn State newspaper disturbed me greatly. Surveys are indicating that students would rather go for a bigger paycheck over happiness, in order to deal with debts. It is one thing to seek a bigger paycheck over happiness but what these young students don’t realize is that dissatisfaction with your job … Read more