Easier Debt Caught in the Debt Relief Marketing Trap – TCPA

Well it looks like Easier Debt of California was just sued over yet another Telephone Consumer Protection Act. This has been a gotcha area that has nailed others. In the complaint just filed the consumer alleges “Plaintiff alleges that Defendant Easier Debt, LLC (hereinafter “DEBT”) sent automated telephone SMS/Text Messages using equipment prohibited by the …

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Is Easier Debt and Priority Documents a Scam? – Jimmy

Question: Dear Steve, I stumbled upon your website after signing up with Easier Debt to help with my student loans. I wanted to reach out because of the two pieces you have done on Easier Debt and Priority Documents. Easier Debt claims that once the private student loan defaults, the loan would be sold to …

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Can Easier Debt and Priority Documents Really Make My Sallie Mae Student Loan Go Away? – Maddison

Question: Dear Steve, I am $37,500 in debt in private student loans through Sallie Mae. Sallie Mae just raised my interest rates to 11%. Although I have been doubling my payments and trying to pay around 1000$ a month my loans are more now than they were when I originally applied for them. Last week …

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