I Had a Problem With a Purchase Made Through Ebay and the Seller Sued Me. – Steve

“Dear Steve, Purchase made through Ebay. Item not as described and seller would not take back merchandise nor communicate. Seller has sued me in Arizona and got a default judgement. I was never served but have found out that “Alternative Service” was approved by the judge and they used “Nail and Mail”, or what the … Read more

Diana/Mary Perez – Consumer Complaint – 1-3-2012

Consumer Complaint Submission

Date This Problem Happened: May 6, 2008 State You Live in: New York Race/Ethnicity: Age Range: 21-35 Total Amount of Fee Paid: $115 Company Name: Diana/Mary Perez Company Address: 11050 Fancher Rd #19 Westerville, Ohio 43082 Company Telephone Number: 614-775-0285 Website of Company: Consumer Statement: The seller who goes by the name Diana/Mary Perez has … Read more

My Business Failed, I’m Selling Everything on eBay, I’m Maxed Out and Scared. – Lori

“Dear Steve, I had a small store for about 25 years, and a much larger corporate owned store selling the same items opened up 2 blocks away. I hung in as long as I could, but eventually closed up, getting nothing for it, and starting my credit card debt at $12,000. I was almost 50 … Read more

eBay Debt Settlement and Credit Repair for Less Than $1

Does anyone believe this advertising copy or the fact you can get rid of 80% of your debt and have it removed from your credit report for $1? Ah but wait, the $0.99 item actually costs $4,000. A classic need for regulation. Click Image for Larger View. — Only pay 20% of your charge-off and … Read more

How to Sell Stuff You Don’t Want

Were you buried by an avalanche the last time you opened a closet door? Does your garage hold everything under the sun except your car? Do you need to raise some money to pay off bills? Whether you’re cleaning out your house or bill collectors are cleaning you out, selling stuff that you don’t need … Read more

I Am 71 Days Behind on My Car Payment. I Am On Unemployment. – Pamela

Pamela “Dear Steve, I am 71 days behind on car payment. I am on unemployment. I was in a car accident back in January and hopefully will be settling soon. I was released from doctors care October 12th. I have been seeking a new job since July. I finally signed up with some temp agencies … Read more