I Keep Getting Threatening Emails About a Debt

Labp’s Husband is Mentally, Emotionally and Financially Abusive. What Should She Do?

Question: Dear Steve, I keep getting threatening e-mails saying that I will have to hire a lawyer, appear in court, & other threats. What should I do? Paul Answer: Dear Paul, It’s hard to give some general advice on your situation. I’d love to label all such emails as a scam but there is always …

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Why I Keep a Burner Email Account

When the news hit that Hillary Clinton had a private email account that she used in her duties as Secretary of State, I thought, “Doesn’t everyone?” Maybe that’s my default reaction as a millennial who has picked up and dropped about 10 email addresses over the past decade or so. But it’s also because the …

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Outlook Email Migration – Scam Alert

Beware of the following email being sent out that appears to come from an official government source. The email reads: “From: Cook, Bryant D Sent: Tuesday, January 27, 2015 2:18 PM To: Cook, Bryant D Subject: Help Desk Dear Email User, Please be prepared for all systems to be offline for maintenance today. We are …

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