Finance Experts Share Their Top Money Lessons of the Last Decade

When the Great Recession hit, it hit hard. Americans experienced job loss, foreclosures, a sharp rise in student loan defaults and high consumer debt. The recession also taught us plenty of important lessons. We asked 8 personal finance experts on their main financial takeaways on the past decade. Here’s what they had to say:  Image Credit: Nattakorn … Read more

More Than Half of Americans Can’t Cover a $1,000 Emergency with Savings

LendingTree released its survey on how Americans would pay for an emergency expense and how they’ve paid for them in the past. The survey found that more than half of Americans can’t cover a $1,000 emergency with savings. Only 48 percent of Americans say they could handle a $1,000 emergency expense using cash or savings … Read more

National Debt Relief Explains The Two Types Of Reserve Funds

National Debt Relief recently shared in an article published February 19, 2015 the two main types of a reserve fund. The article talks about how an emergency fund and a rainy day fund has the same financial objective but differs in a lot of ways. Philadelphia, PA (PRWEB) March 02, 2015 National Debt Relief recently … Read more

Should I Pay Credit Cards Down or Create Emergency Fund With My Tax Refund?

I have $5,800 of credit card debt with a high interest rate. This year I had a medical emergency and have depleted my savings, and have no savings cushion. I usually get an approximately $2,500 tax refund every year. How do I get the most out of my return? Rebuild my emergency fund, or pay … Read more

We Are Making Ends Meet But Looking Forward to Doing Better. What Should We Do With Out Tax Refund? – Maggie

“Dear Steve, Thanks in advance for answering our questions and having your help available for free! I am thrilled to be able to discuss this with an expert and get a third objective opinion about our finances. My husband and myself were thrilled to find our dream home but it was probably a year to … Read more

I Want to Use My Tax Refund to Pay Down My Debt. – Laurie

“Dear Steve, Okay you asked, I have my five credit cards($850), ($120), ($140), ($870), ($550) an overdraft, gas card, timeshare, 2 car loans and a mortgage. I also have to pay my property taxes for my home($1050) and the time share($883). I want to knock out 2 cards one both under $150, and try to … Read more

Nine Essential Steps to Successfully Manage Your Money

Only the rich need to worry about having people manage their money, right? Wrong! With a handful of credit cards, checking, savings and retirement accounts and lots of different bills to pay we all need money managers. The difference is if we aren’t wealthy, the money management responsibility usually falls on our own shoulders, rather … Read more

I Have a Really Big Emergency Fund to Carry Me Through My Unemployment. – Ashlee

Ashlee “Dear Steve, I was laid off in March 2009. I’ve been collecting unemployment and haven’t found a new job yet. I built up a large emergency fund so I’m alright until 2011 if needed (covering my mortgage, bills etc). I have a car loan and I owe around $4000 on it, however; I have … Read more

Would It Be Better to Go Bankrupt Now Or Plug Along. – Ann

“Dear Steve, $47500 in credit card debt, $1000 monthy mortgage, $1000 monthly vehicle payments, then of course insurances, utilities, and general living expenses Squeezing by we are making it month to month, paycheck to paycheck, still occassionally using the credit cards when things come up – no savings outside of retirement. Unsucessfully searched for more … Read more

I Just Finished a Divorce and Want to Dissolve My Debt. – Janet

“Dear Steve, I am currently in debt, $40,000. I just finished a divorce, had to buy a home and furnish it for my children and myself. Now I want to disolve all of my credit card bills with one monehtly payment. Because I have too much revolving credit I keep getting rejected. I do not … Read more