My Ex-Husband Was Supposed to Give Me Half His Retirement And He Spent It. – Nory

“Dear Lewis, my ex husband was court ordered to pay me half of his retirement, he spent it all, he and we both have attorneys, my attorney was going after him for my fees, now my attorney wants me to pay him. I have no money and this all took place over a month ago, … Read more

I Took Out a Student Loan for My Stepson. Stepson and Ex-Husband Refuse to Pay It. – Heather

“Dear Steve, Married 7/1998 Divorced 1/2006 Agreed to take out a Parent’s Plus loan for my step son at my ex-husband’s pleading and against my better judgment in 6/2004 with the understanding step son would repay and ex husband’s assurance he would pay if step son didn’t. $12,000, $5,000 has been repaid by step son. … Read more

My Husband Sexually Assaulted Our Daughter and I’m Locked in a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy With Him. – Patty

“Dear Lewis, Filed for joint chapter 13 bankruptcy Found out husband was sexually assaulting 10 year old daughter moved out sought divorice his attourney is convertiing him to a chpter 7 to much leagal mumbo jumbo going through my head I have a question for you- My husband an i filed for a joint chapter … Read more

My Husband Had an Affair, Left My Daughter and Me and Filed for Bankruptcy. – Laura

“Dear Steve, My 22 year marriage to my husband ended in him having an affair. He left my daughter and I for this so called “younger” woman, married her 4 months after the divorce was final. He and she ran up an enormous amount of debt, and blamed our divorce and my award for his … Read more

My Husband Kept Running Up Debt and Asking Me to Bail Him Out. – Tonia

“Dear Steve, Married for 7 years. When my mother died she left me some money (cash) as soon as she died my husband approached me about a credit card he owed on stating he was stressed over it. Owed 6,000 on card. This was his debt. I gave him the money with agreement he would … Read more

My Ex-Husband is Supposed to Pay a Debt in Our Divorce Agreement and Won’t. – Nancy

“Dear Steve, I was divorced less than a year ago. I applyed with Rural Housing to buy a home as a single mother. I was approved but there is past credit card debt in my name on my credit report. The debt belongs to my ex husband and he was court ordered to pay it … Read more

I’m Divorced and Confused By a Demand That I Pay on an Old Mortgage. – Stephanie

Stephanie “Dear Steve, My husband and I divorced over 10 years ago, when I sold our house it wasn’t enough to pay off the second mortgage, and since they had messed up in the paperwork they signed off and the sale of the house and we assumed the loan. I never signed a new contract … Read more

They Tell Me I Am Still Liable for My Debt After Divorce. – Diane

“Dear Steve, I had 4 credit card debts, each approx 5000.00. I went through a divorce and the debt was awarded to my ex-husband. However my name was on 3 of them. They tell me I’m still liable. The late charges and interest rates soared. I tried working with them but only Discover lowered their … Read more

I’m a Victim of Credit Fraud By My Husband. We Are Now Divorced. – Bobbi

Bobbi “Dear Steve, Divorced and stuck with huge debt from marriage. What is the best way for me to get out of debt and have decent credit again? I was married to a “spender” who tricked me so many times – getting loans and credit cards under my name without asking me, made himself an … Read more

My Ex-Husband is a Jerk When it Comes to Paying My Credit Card as He Promised in the Divorce. – Casey

“Dear Steve, I was divorced in 2008, after a lengthy separation. Finally in the past month my ex refinanced the house he obtained in the divorce, and I signed over my interest in it to him in order to get out from under a debt beyond my control. I hold a credit card in my … Read more