The Department of Education Is Cooking the Books: Federal Reserve Bank Says $166 Billion in Student Debt is Delinquent

Most Americans have confidence in what the Federal Reserve Bank says about the national economy. I know I do. But when the Federal Reserve Bank of New York reported that $166 billion in student debt is delinquent, it vastly understated the enormity of the student-loan crisis. In its most recent quarterly household debt report, the … Read more

Why Are Borrowers With Less Student Loan Debt More Likely To Default?

(Xavier J. Peg ☠) Just days after the Federal Reserve Bank of New York showed that student loan delinquency rates were once again on the rise, a new Fed report finds it’s student loan borrowers with the lowest levels of debt who typically are the most delinquent. The FRBNY reports that it’s often the people … Read more