Federal Student Loan Payments Turned Off Until August 31, 2022

Federal Student Loan Payments Turned Off Until August 31, 2022

The White House is extending the pause on student-loan payments until August 31st–an extraordinary development. By the time this pause ends in September, millions of student borrowers will have been relieved from making payments on their student loans for almost two-and-a-half years. Indeed, as Ron Kline, President Biden’s chief of staff, pointed out: Joe Biden, … Read more

I Was Making a High Income But Since I Was Laid Off My Student Loans Are Killing Me

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Question: Dear Steve, I am 55. $100K in federal student loan debt. $70K 2002. MBA- ASC is the current holder. $25K 2012-advanced grad. studies. loan held by navient 2010- short sell on condo, filed bankruptcy to prevent foreclosure. was laid off in 2011 at salary of $125K. Live in Boston- pure living expenses-live week to … Read more

Is Your School in Danger of Closing Like ITT? Check This List.

Recently ITT Tech decided to close down after the Department of Education required a higher deposit from them to help protect against student loan losses. Some of the issues that led to this surrounded accreditation issues ITT Tech was facing. The Department of Education publishes a listing of schools that have been placed on Heightened … Read more

Why is the Government Punishing Me for Years Over Student Loans?

Question: Dear Steve, Navient has now been changed From ECMC is that Correct? What legitimately can they Do? Can after 25 years can they finally release a person from debt? ThE Bankruptcy Court is Run by US by the People for the people! CORRECT NOT THE GOVERNMENT right? can they Tell the US treasury to … Read more

Why is the Department of Education Being so Opaque on Student Loans?

Over the past few months I’ve attempted to gets statistics, facts, and figures from the Department of Education to better understand the performance of their income based repayment programs and get better clarity on their collection process for delinquent student loans. After multiple Freedom of Information Act requests the results are less than optimal. To … Read more

I’m Drowning in Student Loans Over My Head. – Thomas

“Dear Steve, I have a huge student loan debt that I can’t seem to make head way on. I have a $100,000 is federal loans that have been consolidated with Direct loans and are now with Sallie Mae and $15,000 in private loans. My private loans i can handle making $124 a month payments. My … Read more

Interest Rates on Federal Student Loans to Double

Photo Credit: Bark Interest rates on federal student loans will double unless Congress takes action by this summer to keep the low rates in place. Currently federal student loans pay 3.4% interest but that rate is set to expire this summer. So unless Congress takes action to keep the rates low they will revert back … Read more

I’d Like to Consolidate My Federal Student Loan, Private Student Loan and Credit Card Debt Into One Debt Consolidation Loan. – Jane

“Dear Steve, My husband & I have been married 6 years and have two children. One of us has been in school the entire time until he graduated a few months ago. He has a well-paying job now and I’m self-employed. We have a decent income for where we live, but now with the school … Read more